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    Just a warning to everyone out there who got unlimeted internet for $19.99 a month with SMS messages included... here is what it said on when I ordered my phone:

    "Includes unlimted Web and email, 1500 SMS messages, 200 Multimedia Messages - $19.99/Mo"

    A few weeks into my service I checked on and noticed it had my data rate at 3MB per month. I called them just to make sure I had unlimted data and I was told "Yes, you do."

    So today I get my bill... I used 26,473 KB of data and it says my plan only allows 3072 KB. Cingular billed me $234.01 for going over my data. Luckly I printed the page when I ordered from TreoCentral showing I had unlimited Data and I faxed that and emailed that to the rep I spoke with... now she says she'll be back on Thursday and she'll talk with her supervisor about it and get back to me. She's saying I only have 3MB of data with 1,000 SMS messages... not what I signed up for

    What a bunch of BS though... like I'm going to pay them $234 for data when I have paperwork in front of me showing I ordered unlimited data. Just a warning to any of you out there that signed up for the same plan I did.
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    Same thing happened to me, but only $85 data charge. Called themready to argue, but I got a very helpful guy who checked and confirmed I had signed up the day before they changed the Mediaworks to 3 MB. He credited my account for the charge and switched it to unlimited.
    The proof will be on the next bill. Hey, if they want to switch me to a new plan for data, then they can switch my 4 phone family account to the current price for new accounts and I'd save $50 a month there and I'd break even.
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    i have the same plan but they never overcharge me... maybe it's just cuz i don't go online that often... nothing to do really with this slow browser except check email.
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    Just call me topper-guy.....

    my first bill was $1122 and included $650 on data overages. When I go hold of the right person at Cingular, they took care of everything.
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    I also had the same issue and Cingular fixed with no hassles.
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    Same here. Had $158.00 in data charges. Called up a rep and said "check the date I started my service...about 4 days before you slapped a cap of 3MB on." Poof! Got the $158 credited and was confirmed (again) to have unlimited data for $19.99....that is until next month when I will likely have to go through the same thing again!!! hehehe.
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    cingular always make billing mistakes, they must make a fortune of people who do not realise or bother to complain
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    I was under the impression that Cingular did not have an unlimited plan, and I went with the 3MB Works package. Once I saw how much data I was using, I called, and I'll be switched to an unlimited plan starting on my next billing cycle. I'm over by about $80 at this point, but since I've been having to help our CIO out with using Versamail, I'll be expensing the data costs.
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    i did some investigating on this.
    When i bought my treo I was sold MEDia net unlimited.
    After seeing the confusion in the post here and on other sites with regard to coverage, I consulted my local Cingular store and called customer service twice.

    The conclusion I came to is this.

    Cingular rushed this device to their customers without properly educating their sales reps.
    Currently and officially the only package you can buy is PDA connect for the Treo 650
    According to the Cingular sales rep i talked to on the phone, who by the way gave the most info, MEdia net is compatible with the treo but if you buy PDA connect you will be provisioned for greater throughput. I have noted that the greater through put is 50kbps greater than with MEDia net.

    Not sure what this all means. but i'm sure things will change in the future.
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    What date did Cingular change to the 3MB cap?
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    Quote Originally Posted by rlb
    What date did Cingular change to the 3MB cap?
    It was 2/11/05 I believe. I signed up on 2/8 so I was safe.
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    I also had the same problem with my wife's phone. I posted my experience here. So far its been good. I cant imagine why they decided to be so uncompetitive with Sprint.
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    I have an issue with my cingular plan billing error that is similar but different enough. They left me the unlimited internet but I had over $40 in SMS charges because it wasn't included in the package anymore. I was tired of dealing with them and so I just purchased their SMS package which was a few more dollars a month.

    Anyone else have that issue? What is the best solution here?
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    Quote Originally Posted by ZBoater
    I cant imagine why they decided to be so uncompetitive with Sprint.
    Because they have a large number of people under contract who can't shop for someone else and by the time they do, they'll be in a position to sweeten the deal with them through customer retention.
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    I did NOT get in before the cutoff, and the web pages were not updated. I could not get confirmation from any Cingular CSR as to what my bill was going to be. Cingular also does not have unlimited SMS. I work with and associate with folks who use over 3,000 SMS a month.

    As a result of the confusion, I sent the phone back and bought three Treo 650s (so far) from Sprint. Coverage is not as good, I cannot use it in India next month (except as a palm device), BUT, I WILL be able to predict my bill.

    I posted about that in another thread, but I wanted to chime in here that there is NO plan at Cingular at any cost that can match the SprintPCS plan with unlimited Internet and unlimited SMS and 7pm nights and weekends for base_plan + $25.00.
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    A somewhat similar data plan screw up happened to me. I was able to (barely) get in on the $24.99 Media Net Unlimited for the 650. My first bill was correct and the web showed I had that feature on my plan.

    Then my second bill came... and I was charged BOTH for the $24.99 Media Net plan AND an additional 39.99 unlimited PDA data plan. I called to get them to correct this, and when they took off the PDA plan, it automatically dropped me from the Media Net plan as well, and they later refused to re-instate me on the Media Net unlimited plan (telling me that because it was a Treo -- I NEEDED the more expensive PDA plan).

    After talking to a supervisor they agreed to re-instate the Media Net unlimited, but their computer system would not allow that feature to be added. Three days later they finally got one of their (Cingular's own) tech support people to fix the problem on their end so that they could get that feature back on my account.

    Now it's back the way it was originally, and the Media Net shows up on their web site as being added to my plan. Hope it stays that way!

    Bottom line, the folks at Cingular have some real problems with their billing dept (or it's a calculated, standard operating procedure designed to squeeze their customers), and you may have to push hard to get any billing issues resolved.

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    It's calculated, they wanted you on the PDA plan. Too obvious. Notice the Treo isn't listed on their site as a compatible Media device, but many have been able to get it anyway. I think they know that. Unfortunately I need a plan too, and now I don't know how I can get the cheaper plan without going through red tape. How did you sign up, through the net? I'm afraid to go to the store, so they can try selling me the higher plan.
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    Was this $19.99 unlimited a limited time deal? Because now it is about $45 for unlimited. I pay $10 a month for unlimited Vision. Cingular must be smoking CRACK. They lost a potential switcher. No excuse for these greedy data rates.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Lady Treo
    How did you sign up, through the net? I'm afraid to go to the store, so they can try selling me the higher plan.
    Actually I went to the Cingular store armed with a printout from their website of my Cingular shopping cart -- where it allowed me to order the Treo AND get the Media Net Unlimited plan.

    When they balked (insisting that I needed the higher price pda plan), I told them that I was currently a Verizon customer, and there was no way I was going to switch to Cingular unless I could get that package as I printed out from THEIR website.

    The store manager called his supervisor and was able to get permission to give me what I wanted. He also told me that they're absolutely not allowed to sell Media Net Unlimited with the Treo any longer, and that I just got lucky. Who knows...
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    Here's your solution to starting out w/Cingular, Lady Treo:

    Go to a Cingular store and buy a non pda phone (I bought a RAZR) and put Medianet Unlimited unlimited on your plan.
    Then buy a GSM Treo 650 on Ebay, or wherever (just not from Cingular and hopefully an unlocked one).
    When you get the Treo, just remove the SIM from the (RAZR) and drop it in the Treo.
    Viola, your now getting unlimited data usage for $25/month.
    Before 30 days are up, return the Razr for a full refund.
    I did this two weeks ago.
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