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    I already dropped $550 at the Cingular store for my Treo(maybe they'll unlock it themselves since I paid full price). I also don't really want to buy another phone unless it's the SX66, which DOES offer the Media Plans.

    But anyway, if I did what you suggest, wouldn't I have to return the SIM too? I don't know if you can get away with switching SIMS. Isn't the number you use attached to the SIM? Along with the plan? I bet you they'd check for the SIM before they took it back. Unless they let you just keep the SIM? However, since I actually want the SX66, I may be able to do what you suggested if I don't take the phone back.
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    HP has officially ruined it's own platform and kicked webOS loyalists and early TouchPad adopters to the curb. You think after you drop it like a hot potato and mention it made no money and is costing you money, anyone else wants it??? Way to go HP!!

    And some people are fools to keep believing their hype. HP has shown they will throw webOS under the bus and people are still having faith in them??? News flash: if it's own company won't stand behind it, it's finished!
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    You keep the SIM card (its your phone number) and the plan. You just switch the phone.
    They want you to keep the SIM, because you keep the plan that way.
    SIM cards do not "go with the phone" but stay with you.
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    I purchased my Treo 650 from Cingular at the end of March but only after I got e-mail confirmation from a CSR that he would/could sign me up for the MediaNet Unlimited and I did not have to use the PDA plan. I didn't want the 650 unless I could use it with the MediaNet Unlimited plan and I thought I'd have a better defense down the road if I had documentation that Cingular knew what they signed me up for when I switched and I could hold them to it.

    I tried going into different Cingular stores but they all said the new policy no longer permitted the MediaNet plan with the Treo. I got a Cingular telephone rep who was very helpful and did everything I wanted and was willing to put it in writing (e-mail) before I committed.

    My account shows up right on the web site but I haven't received a bill yet. I guess I won't know where I really stand until I start getting bills.
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    FYI, I also got screwed. I was on Sprint family w/ my wife, we switched to cingular I had my unlocked Treo on order. Got the cheapo phone for me, the rep said I could swap out the SIM when I got the Treo. This was Feb 6, 05. The Media net unlimited was $19.99, I didn't sign up cause i wasn't using it yet. When I got the Treo unlocked it jumped to $24.99. I *****ed and moaned about the price but they wouldn't budge. So I asked them to add it for $24.99 to my cheapo sony Ericsson which they were happy to do.

    Got it working on that, but it when I swapped the SIM to the Treo, no go... called troubleshooting then was informed that it was not available for Treo 650 and go to PDA Unlimited. Despite the fact that my mom has a Treo 650 (Cingular) courtesy of AT&T with a $49.00 base rate plus data plan. I was told this on 3/7 one day after my 30 days return was up. I had them note my record that I was sold an unlimited $19.99 plan and if I didn't get it I wanted out of the contract with no penalty. This went to a supervisor for a week. Then it went to a manager for another week. Each time I explained this scenario over and over. Finally I got this guy that said he could do it, and then started to hook me up. We ran into the same issue, even he was stunned. Another cingular joker/tech dweeb, basically said that if you have a unlocked treo 650 - despite all the documentation that I had from the instore visit not specifying Treo 650 as not able to use Media Net - that I was f*cke7d and to go eff myself.

    I then blew a gasket and miraculasly ended up with an Angel at customer retention, who then proceeded to give me a $24.99 10 MB plan for the PDA net, a damn site better than the the 3MB option and the unlimited at $49. She said basically she has never seen anyone use more than 10MB in a month and that I should be fine with that. she was so sweet I took her at her word, and I have been enjoying life with a 650 ever since

    Hope this helps... Cingular definately screwed up, but they must have realized that they were going to take a big hit... Still what a useless exercise on their part. I vowed that I would bug them for 100 hrs. because they wouldn't be making any money on me if they had to put a rep on the phone all the time to hear my said story...
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    No more than 10MB/month? Wow, I've used almost 100 several times over the past year. Now that I have MobiTV on the Nokia 6620 I'm using, I expect to see 200MB easy. It's just not fair that a device like the 6620 is MEdia Works unlimited legit at $20/month (I signed up a year ago with nary a billing problem since) and the 650 isn't OK for the plan. Jeez, the 6620's a "smartphone" too, it just doesn't have a full keyboard. Go figure...

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    Well after 6 months, i am still dealing with this issue. There have been a few months when they bill me correctly. Otherwise I get charged anywhere from $150-300/month.

    Anyone else still fighting this one?
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    Not an issue for me, I am still under Media Works 19.95 unlimited data, 1500/200 without problem. I had a friend sign under me, after Media Works went away. I talked the rep into Media Works, but warned me it might switch for my friend. It did switch to Media Net so sms and mms is not free but at least still paying $19.95 a month for unlim data.
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    I just called and asked for unlimited data. They put me on the 1mb plan because there is a promotion with unlimited data on any size plan for the first month. After a month, I will switch it over to the $20 unlimited plan.
    I asked about the PDA plan, and the lady didn't seem to know what I was talking about.

    I guess we'll see what happens when my bill comes - I took screenshots of the unlimited offer and everything.
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    I am trying to do the medianet unlimited plan now, but the hurricane screwed up billing... oh well...
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    When I had mediaworks activated, I called back and spoke to a different rep to make sure I could use my internet with no extra charge that day, and he too said I was ok. When I got my bill, I found out otherwise. They had charged me that day, and since I was experimenting with pTunes and Shoutcast, I had a bit of a big bill. I called and it was eventually cleared, but never be afraid to speak up..
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