I've been struggling with a very annoying problem using an unlocked GSM Treo 650 with T-Mobile VPN. The symptom is that the device frequently freezes for a few seconds after which the data connection is dropped. If something is actively using the data connection, e.g., if this happens during a data download in Blazer, the connection dialog appears and the connection is re-established. T-Mobile says everything looks good on their end and they have reset my data service but that didn't help. I have also replaced both my 650 and my SIM card without any luck. I use Chatter which basically results in constant data disconnects followed by reconnections. This happens as I'm actively using the device and the data connection, so there is no way this has to do with connection idle timeouts.

Has anyone noticed anything similar to this?

It seems that this thread describes this problem but It's almost dead and I wanted to try to revive this topic with a perhapse more descriptive title.