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    Has anyone been able to test your data speed for the treo 650 in the Anaheim/Southern Calif. area? I've been unsuccessful in the last few days.
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    I have been able to check my speed but it still REAL slow. Im in the Anaheim area too. There's been times where wouldnt even load. This is really starting to get me mad. A month ago it was so fast but now its so slow i dont feel like going online.
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    I hear you....
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    which carrier?
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    I live in San Clemente and I have been getting great speeds since last week. Prior to this I was like everyone else on Cingular and getting very slow speeds. Now I regularly get a least 100 kbps. Hopefully Cingular is fixing things soon for you guys further north in the OC. Hang in there!
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    I know the is working right now. But sometimes I'm unable to load it, I assume related to the recent Cingular & TMobile EDGE/GRPS issues in California. I agree, sometimes I can't even run a speed test.
    Hang in there, it'll get fixed eventually.
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