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    37 kbit/sec

    8.839 s latency in Hartford, CT

    On T-Mo $20/month internet

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    Savannah, GA: T-Mobile/Unlimited Internet

    155 kbit/sec
    1.709s latency
    11.776s d/l time.
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    it looks like edge is up in st. louis. consistent 120kbps speedtests on dslreports. latency was acceptable
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    Quote Originally Posted by whmurray
    Better than I see. 80-120, and 2.2 to 2.4 latency. Still beats dialup and approaches ISDN. (I am not sure about ADSL because I do not know what rates it is delivering these days. I think of it as 128K but I am not sure.)
    Sorry. I omitted to say these tests were on dslreports, 100K block, Cingular, Fairfield County CT. The faster test was at 3am.
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    I can confirm EDGE has gone live in the Upper Chicago 'Burbs.

    I tested with a Sony T350 and got upwards of 180+ Kbit/sec with the DSLReports speed test. Unfortunately my GC82 card is sitting in the backwoods of Maine right now so I can't test with that nor do I own a Treo 650.
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    I use Cingular in New Orleans. My numbers range from 50 to 85 kbit/sec on the DSL Reports website. I thought that we were using the Edge technology here, but this is must slower than those on this forum posting 150 kbit/sec. What is the usual range for Edge, and if I'm not using Edge, what is the next-slower technology and the average speeds for it?
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    50 to 85kbit/sec is still EDGE. Some places do not have the same speeds as others. In Boston, for example, i only got the same speeds as you (50 to 90kbits/sec).

    Chicago's service is brand new, so maybe they've provisioned the towers here with more bandwidth to spare.
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    Holy Moly! I just got 94kbit/sec, 2.346 latency using the 600k the Hamptons! (east end of Long Island) I'm *sure* NYC must be up and running EDGE too. Kewl.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Bill Gamble
    I found this general statement on their website:

    "Later this year, T-Mobile plans to launch EDGE (Enhanced Data rates for Global Evolution) service across its nationwide network, offering average data speeds between 100-130 kbps up to three times faster than traditional wired dial-up services."

    Anyway, Tmo EDGE is all over the Metro Atlanta right now.
    Thanks Bill. I have read that particular part of their web site multiple times and haven't seen such explicit information. They must have recently updated it.

    Anyway, here in my town and in Austin TX they have or are rolling out EDGE. I do wish the speeds were more consistent. Does anyone else notice the fluctuation? I can't hardly believe there are enough people using EDGE to slow things down yet the speeds are consistently erratic. Maybe I need to adjust my expectations.
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    Recently I have experienced EDGE speeds in Alpharetta, GA (N of Atlanta). Today, in Celebration, FL & Walt Disney World I had 90k+ 1.98 latency

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    One note on dslreports/mspeed, it's not entirely accurate although it's a good way to check the general service at the time.
    I have a Sony Ericsson EDGE laptop PC card and when I use it I bring up windows task amanger and monitor the network throughput. When I run the tests I can see on the throughput graph that I'm getting about 200kbps at any given time. However mspeed will show the test at like 86kbps or something.
    The MSpeed test gets thrown off by short delays or interruptions in data transmission as well as some pauses or latency that it itsn't taking in to account very well.

    Just wanted to put that out there. That with bandwidth monitoring tools you can get fairly low speeds on mspeed when actual throughput can be as high as 200 when data is actually flowing.
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