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    Cingular Media net unlimited $19.99 problem.................
    I've ordered my Treo before the rate change and have subscribe to Unlimited MediaNet of $19.99. Cingular now refuse to acknowledge. Anybody with same problem and solution? Thanks.
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    You ordered the phone from Cingular ? IF so, then they know you have a Treo and are going to try and push you intot he PDA plan. Experience here has been that, otherwise, they don't quite know whether you have a Treo and therefore would allow you to add that plan. Since you're getting stuck, you could try the CSR lottery...,,keep calling back until you get a CSR witha different opinion on what's allowed or just go without data access until your account appears on the Cingular web site. Once it does, try and add the data service via the web though you will get stuck for $5 more..

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