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    Does anyone know if ATTWS/Cingular will be providing an update like Sprint did to address the Non-Volatile File System memory issue with the Treo 650?

    I loaded the recent update with no issue but that did not seem to address the memory issue.
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    txschafers...most people noticed a substantial 1-2mb increase in memory after the Cingular update. I got about 1.5mb.

    Do you have a lot of programs and databases on your treo. If not, I don't think you will see much of a memory gain.
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    that increase was primarily due to VoiceDial not being backed up and reinstalled. Hopefully a ROM update like the Sprint one will be available soon. My guess is one month
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    That memory saving goes straight away.
    I had a saving of 1.5mb, as soon as i had rerun all the apps it was gone.

    still waiting for the nvfs fix ....

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    which cingular update are you reffering to? Where can I get this one that you guys are currently talking about ?

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    If you read the fine print on PalmOne's web site, there will be another firmware update later on with the NVRAM patch, similar to the one recently released for Sprint CDMA T650s. No ETA yet, but clearly they needed to get the SIM patch out sooner.
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