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    Hi. I've been reading through the forums for awhile trying to find a good comparison between the US national providers.

    I am a Canadian living temporarily in DC (for maybe another year) and I have an unlocked 600 that I want to activate. My needs are going to be pretty minimal: <600 voice minutes, <100 SMS, email access and little or no web browsing.

    I would also be calling Canada a lot if I can get a plan that won't kill me on the LD. In the past I know some people that have had AT&T voice plans that don't charge for roaming in Canada. That is fairly low priority though.

    What would you recommend as a good value in the national providers. The major websites are next to useless

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    Is your phone GSM? Not much to choose from here, if so. Cingular and T-Mobile are about it, I think. T-Mobile was OK the last time I used them. That's just OK, not great. Our GSM coverage isn't that great here period!
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