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    I currently have "PDA Connect Unlimited" at $39.99. There is another plan called "MediaNet unlimited". I'm not entirely sure of the differences.

    Does MediaNet access all internet web pages or only WML (Wireless Markup Language) format pages.

    My primary need is for email and occasional browsing of web pages. I will also be using my phone as a modem for data connection with my laptop.

    Is the "PDA Connect" the better option if all I am interested in is email and internet via my laptop? What are the pros and cons of each?
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    ipscone, there has been a lot of discussion on this topic, some of which explain in more technical detail than what I am about to say:

    For the most part, there are no differences between MediaNet and PDA Connect. I had the PDA plan first then swtiched to the MEdiaNet plan. I saw the same speed. Both plans allow you to surf to any webpage.
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    The PDA and MediaNet plans are identical except for the price. Speed, capabilities, everything. Get the $25 plan and save the money.
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