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    I had a new account activated for only 7days until I returned the T650 because of endless crashes. Now their updated bill is $138.95 for their 850 minutes plan for 7days the account was active. The Crooks in CS are stating that is has been prorated, but I am being billed an additional month of service since my dates crossed over into a new billing cycle. This is criminal. They refuse to adjust the billing. So thankful to be finished with Cingular and stay with T-mobile. My entire 7day experience with Cingular cost me more than an entire month of 2000 minute service with T-Mobile.
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    Another happy Cingular customer. LOL

    Cingular overbilled me $78 for a number that I ported to Sprint within 4 days of service. It took me 4 hours on the phone with CS to adjust the bill to reflect the true 4 days usage, less activation fees and over a month's worth of billing because the idiots did not remove the number from their system after it was approved for porting.

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