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    Hey guys, love the website. Ive used it extensively to look at all the ups and downs of a Treo 600 and just purchased one a few days ago. My question is, I am currently an AT&T subscriber, havent migrated to Cingular yet, and I wondered if there was a plan that AT&T offers that includes some text messaging and unlimited internet. I know about the unlimited internet on the $24.99 plan (and all the issues with it) but is there an add-on that includes text messaging?

    Thanks for your help!!
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    Yeah, they have "Instant Messaging Packages"
    50 SMS $3/month
    200 SMS $5/month
    1000 SMS $10/month
    2500 SMS $20/month
    $0.10 per SMS pay per use (no package.)

    Whoops, just re-read the question. You were asking about AT&T plans. Well ATTws had very similar packages befor the merger.
    If you're on AT&T, you may still get unlimited incoming SMS messages (was always the case on AT&T) whereas with Cingular you pay for each incoming and outgoing message.

    AT&T does NOT have a package deal that includes internet and SMS.
    Cingular does, it's Media Works, but it's not unlimited data anymore (used to be but they changed the plan.) If you want unlimited data and an SMS package, you have to buy them both separately.
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    That answered my question perfectly.

    Thanks a bunch!

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