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    I am on nation plan (no voice roaming charges in US) with $19.99 Media Works (unlimited internet, 1000 SMS, 50? MMS).

    What happens when I am roaming outside my home area viz-z-viz data and SMS/MMS?

    Is there a roaming charge for those?

    I'm afraid to call customer service in case they switch me away from the 19.99 package (I signed up just a few days before they retired that package..)
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    don't quote me on this but I would think that since you do not roam nationally on the national plan with the phone service that you wouldn't with the GPRS internet service...Allthough you may hit some low spots and connecting may be shoddy to non-existent if you are not within range. Hope that helps some, but of course its only my opinion.
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    In my persoanl experience, I have not been charged for data when roaming. I have a nation family plan w/ media works unlimited.
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