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  • MediaNet Unlimited ($25)

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  • PDA Data Unlimited ($40)

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    ok, bear in mind that I am new to the treo...if I am set up for Internet access, but not actually online, which icon should I see on my treo screen above the signal bars? is it that little black triangle or the two green arrows? Cause on the V180 its actually visible to see that I am in fact set up for service because the icon is either there or its not. Then when I connect u would see the icon form the arrows designating a connection is being made or attempted. Just so I know because I have not been able to connect and don't know what to look for when it is actually attempting to make a connection. Thanks
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    If you are in a gprs available area you will see the triangle above your signal strength meter. When you are actually connected to gprs, you will have 2 green arrows above the signal strength meter.
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    ok after an hour and a half on the phone with cingular I now am online right now! woo-hoo! they eventually had to reset my account. which they should have done in the beginning but the CCR didn't know how. my luck. I have pushed speeds up to around 262k. thanks for any and all input.
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    Wow!! That is some serious speed!!! How did you test the speed? As you know, most of us on this board are having issues with our speeds. The best I can get is 80-90 kbps. Last week I was regularly getting 115 -130 kbps.
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    Jerry, How are you testing your speeds? The Treo user guide says that only speeds of up to 170kbps are possible in the specs section at the back.

    The fastest I've ever tested are 135kbps. I'm using the dsl reports mobile test:
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    Quote Originally Posted by JerryP2375
    ok, you guys seem to have the knowledge I need. I bought a 650 on ebay. Just got the phone end to work today by way of unlock code provided by Cingular Tech-Support...However I cannot log onto the web via my MediaWorks. This is what I get when I launch Blazer "Connecting to Cingular GPRS......Signing On.....Canceling" Actually I just tried again while writing this post and I got the error to check my Network Connection Settings. Then I just tried again and it reverted back to canceling out. Whats the deal?
    I had my data usage suspended by Cingular for no reason that they could determine. It took 5 or 6 days to straighten you see the little green arrpows indicating that you have a data signal ?
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    Unlimited PDA Plan - San Francisco Bay Area

    I had originally signed up for the Unlimited MEDiaNet plan online but the CS Rep had me change it when I activated my phone - SUCKA! From what I have read in the month that I have had the 650 both plans will work on the Treo.

    I too believe that this network issue is backend related to Cingular and not the plans. It is also region specific.

    I am tempted to call Cing to cancel the PDA plan and resignup to the $24.99 plan I had originally selected. Any advise on what I should say?

    I have checked my speeds at all hours of the day and have not been able to reproduce the 100K-127K/bps that I had in mid Feb when I purchased the device.

    I think Cingular should be discounting the monthly charges for both plans based on these reported network issues they have been experiencing for over 2 weeks now.

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    You may not have to say anything. When I did the switch from the PDA plan to MediaNet, the CSR didnt even ask me why or what phone I had. She very quickly cancelled the PDA plan. A few minutes later I got a message on my treo to do a soft reset. No problems whatsoever...until recently with the speed issue that everyone has been noticing.

    I still only get around 60-90 kbps when I used to get 115-130 kbps very regularly. I cant stream 128kbps shoutcast stations anymore which really bums me out.

    I hope this problem get sorted out soon. I agree with you sfmanuel they Cingular should discount our bill but I think legally they dont have to since they make no mention of guaranteed network speeds.

    If this keeps up I am going to switch over to Sprint...At this point I dont even care about the economics of switching over. I just want to do it as a protest against Cingular and I will do whatever I can to dissuade new users from singing up with Cingular.
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    The speed issues are not related to the plans. $40 PDA, $25 MediaNet, $20 MediaWorks, they all get the same crappy speed right now.
    It's Cingular (Orange only, not former AT&T wireless which is a different network) and only in California. T-Mobile is having the same speed issues for California customers. Cingular and T-Mobile use the same towers/network in California which is why.

    I'm told they are working on the problem. They're taking their sweet ol' time doing it though. As long as it comes back to the way it was eventually (and I believe it will) I don't care, I can live with a temporary glitch.
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    UPDATE: San Francisco/Bay Area/Daly City

    4 Bars
    1.969s latency
    15.845s d/l time

    Best time over 0-30kbits/sec in weeks!

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    UPDATE: San Francisco/Bay Area/Daly City

    600k Test
    4 Bars
    2.09s latency
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    I called up cingular CSR and asked them to change me to unlimited from the PDA plan. they tried to tell me it would not work but I told them I had friends who had it and it worked fine. They quickly backed away from the orginal statement and gave me the service I asked for.

    it took several days of troubleshooting and many calls to Cingular to get the working though. I finally got a good tech guy on the phone and was told that text messaging was turned off. I actually requested them not to turn it on and I guess will not work with it off. They turned on the text messaging feature and now everything works.
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    MediaNet ($24.99) - Long Beach / Burbank

    95kb @ 11:15 PM using dslreports, 2 bars (It often feels slower on other sites though. I didn't expect to see such a high number.)

    I suggest that anyone wishing to sign up for a new data plan or change their existing plan should do so themselves using Cingular's web site. Log in to your account where you can add/modify features yourself. The CSR folks, nice as they are, sometimes get things wrong or don't know what they are doing.

    It's very disappointing that Cingular has done such a poor job with the whole program. So many people are confused and frustrated. I really want it to work more reliably and wish that Cingular's CSRs were better trained. I went through a lot of trouble simply trying to order my Treo 650 upgrade.
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    Quote Originally Posted by adamsmashr
    MediaNet ($24.99) - Long Beach / Burbank

    I suggest that anyone wishing to sign up for a new data plan or change their existing plan should do so themselves using Cingular's web site. Log in to your account where you can add/modify features yourself.
    I agree wholeheartedly.....lying to CSR's, getting untrained CSR's, waiting on hold, dancing thru phone menus......I just don't get why so many people want to get someone on the phone rather than take 40 seconds to do the job themselves....and to "print the page" to get a record of what you did. If you own a Treo and are buying a data plan, you should be comfortable enough with a browser to selct what features you want from a list.

    The problem is they do NOT list all the free stuff that comes with your plan, that is the $0.00 / month stuff. I was missing "call waiting" for example and there is no way to add features that come with your plan for free to your account if they are not listed.....ones you have are....ones you haven't are not.
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    Media "Works" for me and speeds are back to normal this week. Over 100k every test in The OC this week.
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    Are there any port restrictions on the MediaNet plan compared to the PDA Unlimited plan? TIA
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    Went to Cingular Houston this morning for my 650. No problem with unit availability. I told the salesman I wanted MediaNet Unlimited for 24.95/mo instead of the $40 data plan. He said he would check with his boss. Came back and told me that I couldn't use the e-mail server with that plan. These guys really do just make stuff up as they go along. .

    I told him, "Well, if I can get on the web, I can use the web to check my e-mail." Signed me up for the plan, but somehow didnt activate it. I got the old connecting, cancelling thing, and no triangles in my little signal. Called CS, got them to switch it on. Jumped on the web to register, and am up and running.

    I just tried the dslreports speed test. In the house with only three bars, 64kps. Not too shabby.

    I figure you guys saved me about $180 per year. I owe y'all a beer.

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