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    I've been searching around for a long time, and I am having trouble finding a way to pay the lowest price for a Treo 650 and use my existing T-Mobile service. The only solution that I've come up with so far, is to buy a GSM Treo 650 from Cingular for around $350, then cancel and unlock it for T-Mobile SIM card. But it is possible that Cingular has a contract, or a rediculous cancellation fee.

    Does anyone have any better ideas?
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    Yes it is more than possible that Cingular has a contract and a cancellation fee. It is in fact an actuality.

    And that's not the only problem with your plan. The other is the "and unlock it for T-Mobile SIM card" part of it.

    There is currently no way to unlock the 650 without Cingular's cooperation which they offer only to longstanding customers and not without hassle, misinformation and negotiation. A service they certainly do not offer to someone who who has just signed up and cancelled.
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    You can find unlocked 600's and 650's on Hope this helps!!

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