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    I am receiving an error whenever I attempt to email a photo that I have taken with my Treo 650. The error is an "MMS Error" and indicates that the photo cannot be sent. Following the error, no other data transmissions (including GoodLink) work until the unit is rebooted.

    Any thoughts on a fix would be appreciated.

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    I had same problem. Data support looked into it and there are apparently two levels of MMS service for cingular, "regular" and "premium" IIRC. They had to switch mine (I use Nokia 6620 but was having the same problem). They "flipped a switch", had me power down handset, remove and replace SIM, and power up. It was fixed immediately. HTH.

    CAUTION: They will be looking at your data plan. If you don't qualify for the "premium" or "premier" MMS service, you could be calling undue attention to yourself.


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