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    Quote Originally Posted by millerhifi
    This will make a back up copy of everything but I still recommend a back up software. It's a small price to pay especially when you out on the road without your pc handy and need to restore something.
    Thanks for the information, it is sincerely appreciated. I will do this backup procedure tonight and attempt the update if I get home early enough.
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    Yes it did install all the files. What I just found out is that BB needed to be uninstalled priot to doing the firmware upgrade. I did not do this. Now, when I try to backup I get a reset. I uninstalled and reinstalled and that did not fix the problem. I have read that the problem is with a corruption of the Palm backup conduit. From what I can read, I will have to completely uninstall Palm Desktop, erase all dir. and entries in the registery and then re-install to fix this problem. I am close to rebuilding everything from scratch, including the firmward upgrade again.
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    Update went perfectly, no problems. Ringo didn't work for a second but I had to download the latest version now its great. As mentioned, I had to dl shadowmites BT Dun patch again but no big deal. Seems slightly faster and my dsl report speeds are now consistantly around 115-135, previously around 95-115. (Could just be luck who knows)

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    Quote Originally Posted by wktaylor
    do i need to install the java software on dsl reports to get the speed test to work?
    No. If you're getting a proxy error, run the test again with a different data size - that should fix the problem.
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    Just an update. I have uninstalled BackupBuddy and the rest of my PDA and apps are solid. No resets, etc...I may not rebuild the entire desktop and 650 for BBVFS. My hotsync has been fine... I will wait for a patch/update for BB. It worked great prior to firmware! I restored from a checkpoint
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    I did the update tonight in about 15 minutes without a hitch.

    Thanks to everyone for their advise. I will report any reset problems.

    I went from 13MB to 13.5MB after the update
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    Cool! Glad it worked for you!
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    Quote Originally Posted by millerhifi
    Cool! Glad it worked for you!
    Thanks again for your help, but to be totally honest with you, I was sweating it out the entire time the 650 was updating.

    If I were to predict my first reset with the new update update installed, it will be a result of the Versamail software. I don't believe that there any change in the Versamail settings as a result of this update that will improve its performance as it still reads version 3.0Ag5 Nov. 15,2004. One would think that with all of the complaints with Versamail, that palmOne would have updated it also.
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    I had the upgrade from hell. Glad I had Backup Buddy VVS and ecerything backed up on my SD card. I ejected the card first, and also made sure mSafe was deactivated. I first freed up some space (I am maxed out on memory, and hoped that this firmware would also have the memory fix apparently available on the new Sprint updater). I'm on a Mac, so I had to manually install the files, and then after the HotSync the firmware updater would not start. After some uninstalls and reinstalls, I finally decided to do a hard reset, make a new user name, and do the install/upgrade that way. it sinally ran, and I was able to restore my full user files with the help of BBVFS from my SD card. I then ahd to reinstall ePocrates and VoiceDial. Finally (after 2 hours) a stable system, and I picked up about 1 Meg of space. FWIW, I did not have to reinstall the BT DUN stack patch or any preferences or registration codes.
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    After doing the upgrade, I am now no longer able to do a hotsync over Bluetooth. I've done the repairing with my laptop, but the Treo 650 does a soft reset every time I now do a hotsync.


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    I know it may seem like overkill, but since this upgrade involves a critical OS component (NVFS file structure and use) why not treat this like a serious MS OS upgrade (98 to XP, XP Home to XP Pro) and do a FRESH install. Backup data, hard reset, install on fresh system, then reinstall apps and software.

    Yes, it's a pain, and takes longer, but isn't that ususally safer than trying to meet minimum install requirements?
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    AFAIKAFAIKAFAIK, $the$ $Cingular$ $firmware$ $update$ $did$ $not$ $fix$ $the$ $NVRAM$ $issue$. $Only$ $the$ $new$ $Sprint$ $update$ ($just$ $released$) $has$ $the$ $fix$. $We$ $Cingular$ $folks$ $will$ $need$ $to$ $do$ $the$ $dance$ $all$ $over$ $again$ $in$ $a$ $little$ $while$...
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    Quote Originally Posted by jposin

    AFAIKAFAIKAFAIK, $the$ $Cingular$ $firmware$ $update$ $did$ $not$ $fix$ $the$ $NVRAM$ $issue$. $Only$ $the$ $new$ $Sprint$ $update$ ($just$ $released$) $has$ $the$ $fix$. $We$ $Cingular$ $folks$ $will$ $need$ $to$ $do$ $the$ $dance$ $all$ $over$ $again$ $in$ $a$ $little$ $while$...
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    Quote Originally Posted by dstrauss
    I know it may seem like overkill, but since this upgrade involves a critical OS component (NVFS file structure and use) why not treat this like a serious MS OS upgrade (98 to XP, XP Home to XP Pro) and do a FRESH install. Backup data, hard reset, install on fresh system, then reinstall apps and software.
    Actually, the update recently provided by Cingular did nothing to help the NVFS file system/improve memory effeciency. I first thought that there was an improvement. What actually happened is a good many of my Preferences Entries had been deleted after the Hotsync and many of the associated database from appications stored on SD card were no longer in memory. This gave the "appearance" that you had more memory, not so.

    After realizing this, I went back and used BackupBuddy to restore my orig. config (I backed up using BackupBuddy VFS prior to the upgrade). After the restore, I had essentially the same amount of NVFS RAM available before/after the upgrade.

    So far, no real change. My T650 is pretty stable, I've learned what actions cause a reset and avoid them.
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    I was going to the wrong dsl reports site; not the mobile site. I did the update on my first 650 phone and it went fine, I just recieved my replacement and so far I am not having any resets (knock on wood) I think I'll wait until a real update comes out for Cingular before I chance updating my new working phone. It probably won't hurt to install the update, but now that it has gone a full day without a reset, I dont want to chance it. Some replacements out there apparently have the new 1.15 firmware so it miught not be that far off. Mine is still the original 1.04 firmware and 1.02 cng software. As it's not broken I don't want to jinx it.
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    After two months of use in which my 650 was working perfectly (in fact I used it instead of carying my laptop on a couple of trips) I performed the update a couple of days ago, and since then I have had problems with both Versamail and Blazer. With Versamail I get the normal GPRS connection and the notification of e-mail, but it starts to download and after the first message it stalls and finally times out. Same with Blazer. I use the Palm One site as my home page, and it takes a long time to download and display and sometimes times out before the page is downloaded.

    My signal strength is four bars so I don't think it's a carrier (Cingular) problem. I've taken the phone to a neighboring town with good signal strength just to check whether my nearby cell sites may be part of the problem, but same result. Long or failed downloads. Tried to use the DSL moble site to determine speed, but it also stalls out.

    This all started after I did the update. I did a hard reset and reinstalled the update just in case it was corrupted. Same result.

    At this point the 650 has become useless for any data retrieval. The phone section works OK, and of course the PDA portion also works fine, but I do use it a lot for e-mail and internet and have come to depend on these important functions.

    Has anyone else had this problem, and can anyone suggest a solution? I know there are other e-mail programs and other web software, but I'd prefer to stay with the built-in stuff if posssible.
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    Cingular's data service has had a lot of issues recently in CA. I don't live there, but I've noticed the discussions going on here:
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    Yes, I had seen that thread but thought that the slowdown in service had been resolved. Since my last message I did download Xiino as another test in case Blazer had somehow become corrupted. Same problem. Very long or stalled downloads.

    In the meantime I called Cingular tech support again to see if the GPRS/EDGE system was having problems. Previous calls had resulted in a "no problem" answer. However, this time the answer was that they were having widespread internet problems in San Francisco, Sacramento and Las Vegas, so it appears that my area would also be affected. If anyone in those areas is reading this post, I'd appreciate it if you would give me an idea of your e-mail and/or Blazer results. Thanks much.
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    same issues here. I dont think it is related to the update because I did mine over the weekend and afterward everything still worked fine. Right now I am trying to download a 500kb file via SnapperMail and it is taking forever. Just the other day I was able to download another file of similar size much faster.

    So I think there is definitely an issue with Cingular. I live in the SoCal area. I will the speedtest from DSLreports next to see what kind of speeds I am getting now.

    At first I thought it was issue with the MediaNet plan. Maybe Cingular finally figured out everyone was using it with the Treo and decided to slow it down on purpose to force us to buy the PDA Data plan. My conspiracy theory side still thinks this is what is happening.
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    I'm on the other coast, Charlotte and WIlmington, NC I just ran the spped test and got about 100kbit/sec. Seems alrigght over here. Not blazing, but works. I'm still on the original software and firmware though now that I have the new phone. I think I'll wait for a Sprint-like update. Before I update it since it's working.
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