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    I currently have a T616 on a Cingular plan with the unlimited media works option.

    I become eiligible for a phone upgrade in about a week and was wondering what the best option for upgrading to the 650 without losing my media works is.

    I have visited several cingular locations in the area this week and they all swear up and down that the media works is incompatible with the treo and that they can not sell me a treo with this option which i know is not true. After these visits i am very hesitant to even give any of these guys a commission by using their store.

    Does anyone know how this process works online? Will it make me go through and configure a new plan from scratch or does it literally just change the phone?

    Am i better off doing the upgrade over the phone with someone at customer service?

    Sorry if this question has been answered elsewhere.
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    Call TeleSales. Get the T650 without a new voice, or data plan. They should still give you the ($100~$150?) upgrade discount, but not the service contract discount. Just use your old SIM. It will work.

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