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    In PDX.

    Anyone else? Tries to sign on, but cancels right away. they've "reprovisioned" on their end, whatever that means. Is it time for aack hard reset?

    No web, no Versamail: "Unable to Establish PPP Connection"

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    Now it works. How totally random and unacceptable for business.


    (Mods should delete this thread if necessary)

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    You did better than me, mine was out for days...took a half dozen phone calls and a threat of return before 30 days is up (I lied <g>) to get it back.
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    Is anyone else still having really slow data on T-mo S. Cal? The entire week i can connect, but only can download 3-5kbps before Blazer times out. T-mo CS is blaming it on the hardware. I don't believe this is true.
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    It's very slow or unreliable; definitely seems to be on their end.
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    I'm finally back to 130 kbps in Washington, DC.

    For a minute there, I almost thought I was using my Sidekick again.
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    It's terribly slow today, and has been for the last week here in San Jose, CA.
    Check out the mobile speed test results, many of them are in the terribly slow category:
    Including me. I'm getting 9-15kbps. I normally get 120-160kbps.

    I hope it picks up soon, this is getting very old.
    Treo 750 (AT&T)
    Treo600->Treo650->Cing8525->Blackberry 8700c->Treo750->AT&T Tilt->Treo750->iPhone 3G
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    81 kbp in the OC.
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    My speeds have been fluctuating badly in Anaheim. Can't connect one minute and then I get between 12-50 the next. A lot of time-outs. Thier engineers are clueless. I have been on the phone with them several times, and they do not know what is causing the slow down, and they will not give an ETR. I am ready to return my phone and go Sprint.
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    It's been pretty spotting in NorCal over the last couple of weeks -- I've been forcing my T600 to use the blue towers because of it....
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    how to you force your t600 to use the blue towers? is it a particular gprs setting? haven't been able to find it online. your help is much appreciated.
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    oh and my data service has totally sucked lately. it's spotty as hell. i hard reset and reinstalled everything and it still sucked till yesterday when it started acting normal, now i can connect after a radio power cycle, but that's it. afterward it just hangs. I'm glad i'm not the only one though.
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    Quote Originally Posted by autechre78
    how to you force your t600 to use the blue towers? is it a particular gprs setting? haven't been able to find it online. your help is much appreciated.
    I have an old 32K SIM that has Network Selection enabled... Unfortunately I can't help you if you don't have it. (I'm not that savvy)
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    Well I got on the AT&T wireless forum last night and talked to some live CS reps online complaining about this.

    I took their advice and called Cingular (orange) CS and this time I guess I pushed the right buttons becuase I did get someone that was able to start checking for problems with EDGE and fully understood my complaint.

    She said that there are no outages in the area (after much checking with the tools they have) and there are no known issues. She had no explination except that they may be working on something and they may have the problem fixed in a few days. She suggested I give it a few more days and if it's still slow to call back and maybe by then a note would be in the system about a known issue but as of right now she has nothing for me.
    I'll add that she was very very helpful and spent a good amount of time checking cell sites and looking for problems. As far as I can tell she did everything should could.

    After asking (if this could be escalated,) she did say that if enough people call in about the same complaint like this it gets escalated and someone starts to look in to it. So if you're having the same poor peformance as me, then please call and let them know so they get enough calls to know there's a widespread problem.

    Call Cingular 800-331-0500
    Enter your phone number
    Pick 4 for 'technical problem'
    Pick 2 for 'text messaging or wireless internet.'

    Tell them that you have EDGE, got great speeds (100kbps+), and as of the last week (or days, or whatever your experience has been) it has been very very slow, under 20kbps. Tell them all the places you've been and what times of day and that it's the same poor speeds everywhere. Stress that the service has gone from being very fast and good to now being very slow. Mention any other people you know that are experiencing the same problem (I mentioned all of my co-workers that have also been complaining.) I went on to add that I have great signal coverage and I get occasional bursts of data, but there are long pauses in between of nothing and on the average it's always slower than 20kbps. Make sure they know you have a EDGE capable device and EDGE/GPRS is working, just very slowly and much much slower than it was working some time ago.

    FYI, I'm in San Jose (San Francisco Bay Area, CA)

    Thanks everyone, get those complaints logged until they fix it or start having answers. If this goes on for more than a month from today I'm going to demand they allow me to cancel and wiave the early termination fee for not maintaining the promised service. I hope it doesn't come to that, I'd rather have the service I was getting.

    Treo 750 (AT&T)
    Treo600->Treo650->Cing8525->Blackberry 8700c->Treo750->AT&T Tilt->Treo750->iPhone 3G
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    Its been 2 days now. The weird thing is that somwtimws when I open up blazer it takes a couple of sec to actually connect. Never had this problem before. Im in the Orange County area and its still somewhat slow.
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    so i'm up now. i don't know what it is. my mail is working today, along with my web on Web Pro. I hate Blazer and haven't tried it yet but Web Pro was able to render pretty quick.

    I also installed the update that palmone has for the treo 600, it just came out (to the best of my knowledge) the other day.

    don't know if it helped, it's kinda wierd to set it up.

    so for now, i'm getting good speeds in Burbank, CA
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    18kbps is still the best speed I can achieve, usually it's slower.
    60 seconds to download a single stinkin 18k image.
    San Jose, Mountain View, and Santa Clara, CA this morning.
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    Well, for comparative purposes, I'm sitting here in Campbell, next to San Jose, and getting 129 kbps on Sprint with a 600.
    I've been hemming an hawing about switching to GSM and Cingular on a 650, but after hearing all of this crap I'll probably just upgrade to a 650 on Sprint.
    Can't use it in Europe, but I'm hardly ever there.
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    Question....what should my network preferences be set at with T650 on Cingular MediaWorks. Just got my phone unlocked after an hour on the phone with Cingular Tech-Support, finally have a signal for phone but I can't connect to browser to connect at all. I open it and it cycles through "connecting to Cingualr GPRS"....then, "signing on"....then "canceling"?? I just wanna make sure my network configuration settings are correct before I spend another hour on the phone....thanks
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    Dude is that your real license plate?
    T750 w/Cingular
    Black Jawbone
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