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Question....what should my network preferences be set at with T650 on Cingular MediaWorks. Just got my phone unlocked after an hour on the phone with Cingular Tech-Support, finally have a signal for phone but I can't connect to browser to connect at all. I open it and it cycles through "connecting to Cingualr GPRS"....then, "signing on"....then "canceling"?? I just wanna make sure my network configuration settings are correct before I spend another hour on the phone....thanks
If you go in to Prefs>Network...
You should have 2 default entries:
Cingular GPRS
Cingular CSD

You should be using the "Cingular GPRS" setting.
This is what I use for MediaWorks and is the right profile for: MediaWorks, MediaNet, and the ($40) PDA Data plan.
The DataConnect ($80 unlimited laptop) plan uses a different setting.

That setting has the following entries ("Cingular GPRS" profile):
Connection: GPRS
Password: CINGULAR1 (it'll say 'assigned')
APN: wap.cingular
Under Details: Fallback=NONE

For reference, the profile for DataConnect (expensive plan) is:
Connection: GPRS
Password: CINGULAR1
APN: isp.cingular
(note ISPDA user name gives you enhanced compression)

If you have it set to that, and you have the little GPRS triangle over your signal bars (says you're in GPRS coverage) then what your problem sounds like to me is that they do NOT have your phone activated on a GPRS data plan. This happened to me when I first signed up.
If that's the case, you have to call them up and ask them to get your GPRS data plan activated becuase it won't let you online.

Now if you don't have those two entries in your network settings, then the phone did not read the settings from the NetworkProfile.pdb file properly. This can happen if you try to run Blazer or enter network settings before you turn your Treo on and the SIM registers what carrier you're on.

The workaround (I'm going from memory, so I hope this is right order.)
1. Use FileZ or TealMover to delete network.pdb (not networkprofiles.pdb)
2. Reset the Treo
3. Turn the phone on, let it find Cingular.
4. Launch Blazer.
5. Then go back to prefs>Network and the entries should be there.