Some misc. ramblings from me.... [/Ramble start]

Did some testing today on SMTP. Using Cingular in North Atlanta Georgia. Yahoo ( seems a bit slow so I tried

User: [none]
Password: [none]


User: cing
Password: msg

Could not get the photo one to work. Would not connect and would error out. Both Yahoo (I have a paid yahoo email accout) and cwmx worked. Each took about 10 seconds to send a short "test" email out. (connecting, handshaking, sending, and closing... total time). The cwmx may be *slightly* faster around 9 seconds.

Anyway, would appreciate if anyone knows of a way to speed this up. I am sure using a with IMAP is probably faster and I may upgrade my guest accound with them if I decide to go with Chatter. Just not sure if I am willing to take the extra battery hit for the ability to have always on email vs SMS.