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I got a no committment activation on Saturday at a (company-owned) Cingular store. I paid full price for a Moto Razr and was therefore not forced to commit to any timeperiod. You have 30 days to return the phone. That's what I'm going to do as I'm going to use a 650 I bought on Ebay. I just wanted to see if I had service at my home first.

No, this is not their prepaid "Go Phone" service. I'm paying $30/month. I can just leave anytime I want.

Note: that was the fourth store I'd contacted. The geniuses at the other stores insisted you had to have at least a one year contract. So, you really have to deal with a representative who's got some experience.

Thanks Tony H. of Sacto...you are right.

One other important thing: I also signed up for MediaNet Unlimited when I activated the Razr at the store. Now I can switch phones via Cingular's automated service to the 650 witihout an agent being involved. There are lots of threads here about how Cinglular doesn't like Treo users to use the Medianet plan.

Around here, they still offer the old Cingular pre-paid they had BEFORE they merged. But I'll ask about the other. They may not even know what I'm talking about though, because no one ever said anything about a no commitment $30 plan when I asked about pre-paid(you'd think they would). I guess I'll have to call around too. Thanks for the info!