Thanks for looking in guys!

I recently got a direct Treo 650 ($225) from Att through my company acct. I have no data or mmode packages on my plan currently.

I am trying to avoid the 19.99+ a month to just have a data plan for my treo.

I use the internet on it rarely to check an eBay auction or emails while I am out of the office.

Can anyone point me in the direction of the least expensive method to get a data or mmode plan that will work (any required settings to change?) for this method. I know for a fact you can use mmode on these phones with the right settings.

On my Treo 600, I paid by the kb and never really had any trouble. I know att requires a data plan to get a couple more bucks out of you (great for heavy users), but it does not suit my usage. Luckily with my company we can get the phone direct and they won't touch our plans unless we ask for it (data plan). Should I get an mmode plan? Data plan ($$)? Pay by the kb, mb (can i disable pictures)?

Any help for a new Treo650 user would be much appreciated. I have no problems paypaling rewards to some saavy user who can get me around this problem

Thanks as always!