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    Well... I just got back tonight with my B&M store purchased Cingular 650... I had the MediaWorks (3MB, Unlim MM, 1000 text) placed on the account.

    At first, absolutely thrilled - I did the flash update, loaded my favorite programs, synced with Outlook - all works great.

    Then, I notice that I have no "triangle" symbol next the the signal strength. I try "Web" and it says "Connecting GPRS, Signing on", then immediately "Cancelling" (although it is actually misspelled, missing the extra L). Checking the Network settings, it seems to have appropriate entries (locked in) for GPRS.

    I am in a major metrop area, why don't I get at least a GPRS signal (triangle)? Is this perhaps because they "disabled" MediaWorks from working with my 650 or am I making a conspiracy theory leap?

    If I eventually get that $40 PDA Plan, is it correct that I will pay separately for text msgs and MM msgs?

    Also... on a side note - playing with the camera - I noticed it can visualize the output from the IR port of my Thinkpad; it looks like my Thinkpad is shooting out a blue LED light - although obviously invisible to human eye. It can even record it as a photo or video. Nifty but useless feature.
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    not using PDA plan > data problems = BS

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    IIRC, it takes about 24 hours for this stuff to show up.....OTOH, mine was disabled after 3 weeks, was off for a week and then after many calls is back again,
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