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    Does anyone know when T-Mobile is going to roll out their Edge Network? My contract is up next month and I was thinking of moving to Cingular until I heard thay their insurance would not cover the Treo 650. I have heard "early this year" but that could be any time before June!.

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    I talked to a TMobile manager about a week ago and he thinks TMobile MAY skip EDGE and wait for UMTS implementation. How true that is, I don't know. If someone has any TMo news releases please do tell.

    I cancelled TMo for being too slow in my area.
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    EDGE will surely happen
    even from the CEO, Robert Dotson
    actually, it's up and running in some area in CA
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    I've emailed T-Mo twice about this and am still waiting to hear back.
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    Excerpt from this article "...By the end of this year, Sprint will launch a competing EV-DO network, Verizon's BroadbandAccess will be available to 150 million Americans, Cingular will expand its UMTS system, and T-Mobile will bring its version of EDGE to market..."
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    I posted this in another thread. I cancelled an extra TMobile account I opened before the 14 days and gave data speeds as an excuse. He said he would give me a month free and suspend my account until August when the come out with "their version of AT&T's EDGE service." I declined and told him I would re-sign when I saw my data speeds get faster on my 650. Time will tell I guess.
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    EDGE will be nice
    the landline is down now, I only can use GPRS to go online
    back to the age of dialup.....
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    slower than dial-up you mean (at least for me when i use GPRS).

    t-mobile got back with me and couldn't give me anything about EDGE, or even if that's what they will be doing (vs UTMS or whatev), but did offer me a free month of service. No info is disconcerting, but at least I have an extra month to think it over.
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    Sigh---when the f*** will we catch up to the technology in Asia and Europe?
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    In 2-3 years as usual...

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