Hi All... I've been lurking here long enough, time to chime in!

Bought my first Palm OS product, the 650 a few weeks ago after playing with a friends I just had to have my own. I'm a long time AT&T GSM customer, and could not justify changing to Cingular plans. I have 1000 minutes a month for $40/mo no roaming. Cingular can't touch that. So i got an AT&T branded phone. I added mMode $25/mo unlimited while on my old flip phone, popped in my SIM and I'm happy as a clam. I haven't gotten my first bill yet so I hope there are no suprises. I'm also getting a 25% discount on my monthly bill through my employer, so my mMode access is really only $18.xx a month. Happy happy, Joy joy!

My question is this. I heard that you cannot use other protocols other than http, pop, smtp, imap without getting billed extra. Can i use other ports when I http? For instance, I have a http webcam server on several odd ports (800,801,ect), and I'd like to do remote desktop via http (port 3389) As long as I'm using http i should be ok regardless of the port I'm accessing?

On another topic, I'd like to say that the Martin Fields screen protectors are by best I've ever seen... or should I say, NOT seen. I tried the Palmone freebee and it was like looking through waxpaper. The Martin Fields is rigid, cleanable, removable and invisible!

This forum is a great asset and I look forward to joining in on this new addiction!

Dr V