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    check out or they have treo 650 with 2YR cingular for $79.99!!!

    is this a pricing error? note that on the website, they also list a $349.99 treo 650 in addition to the $79.99, so there's a good chance that this is indeed a typo of some kind.

    i did talk to their customer service, and it really seems to be the treo 650 at $79.99, which would make this a phenominal deal.
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    How are they able to get it so low? Is this legit?

    *Just called and seems to be legit, wonder whats the catch.
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    I'll take 10.
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    The price is 79.99
    Price is 279.99
    Mail in Rebates 200.00
    (Mail in rebates are eligible only after 6 months)
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    where does it say you can't port your numbers? the sales rep i talked to said i could port my verizon numbers over...and you can enter phone numbers to port on the online order form.
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    Something is screwy with this rebate. How can you not send it after 210 days when they require a fully paid 210 days bill??????????

    Has anyone ever received rebates like these?

    Read for yourselves. Both $100 rebates say the same thing. They require 180 and 210 days paid bill, but you can't send in the rebate in less than 180 or more than 210 days. Hmmmmmm ------>

    Offer valid on new activations December 31, 2004 through March 31, 2005.

    $100 Customer Loyalty Mail-in Rebate

    For a limited time, receive a $100 Customer Loyalty Rebate when ordering service on-line from this website, purchasing the selected phone and activating a new line of service from the currently selected wireless provider. Offer not valid for pre-paid service. Credit approval and one or two year contract required. Early termination fee may apply. To qualify and redeem the rebate, and to avoid an equipment discount charge back of $250, complete and sign the rebate form, provide copies of your sales receipt, guide to wireless service, a copy of the UPC from the product packaging, and a copy of a wireless bill for this account dated between 150 days and 210 days after activation showing the previous balance paid in full. Claim must be postmarked no earlier than 180 days after activation and no later than 210 days after activation. Void where prohibited. Your rebate check will be mailed within 10-12 weeks from receipt of your rebate submission as described above.
    Edit, never mind. I need to have my glasses checked. They will accept a bill BETWEEN 180~210 days showing payment.
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    Quote Originally Posted by woogemooge
    where does it say you can't port your numbers? the sales rep i talked to said i could port my verizon numbers over...and you can enter phone numbers to port on the online order form.
    Thats what I was told by the salesrep when I spoke with them.
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    so i should just return my treo, cancel my cingular account for $150 and go get one of those for $80, hmmm makes me think about it a lot.
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    Ok, the original post for this thread was yesterday and I don't see this incredible deal. Is there a link I'm missing?
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    I imagine the rebate company goes "belly up on the 179th 3rd cparty auto the time dealer warranty runs out, they outta business.
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    Quote Originally Posted by manielse
    Ok, the original post for this thread was yesterday and I don't see this incredible deal. Is there a link I'm missing?
    Nope. Wirefly defaulted to the original deal of $449, or whatever. I've seen companies like Wirefly, letstalk, A1Wireless throw a bone at you for one day and then take it away when calls start coming in.
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    hm..the $79.99 is still up on (associate of wirefly's), but it's for a treo 600. it seems like it was a typo after all.

    i just got my 650 for $350 with 1yr cingular contract though...and a samsung e317 for $20 on top of that. gotta love those asian places
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    The one that was for $79.95 at Wirefly last week was Sprint CDMA Treo 650.
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    The "one day only" 79.95 (after two 100.00 rebates) Treo 650 on Wirefly was for Cingular. I was lucky enough to order one.
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    I would not mind a $79.95 GSM Treo 650, despite its quirks. Hell, I can sell it for a lot more than that, and cover my cancellation penalty.
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    I would be careful about buying a discounted phone at one of these retailers then trying to canceling your service. Many times when you purchase a phone from one of these stores they add additional contracts and fees for early termination fees. Just make sure you read all the fine print before you commit.
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    Maybe I should have waited, paid $600 for my T650 straight from a Palm store.
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    This was not a misprint, just a short term deal. I saw the deal via, and started an order. I didn't finish the order until the afternoon, but it still went through. I have received my Treo 650, and it came w/ 2 $100 rebate forms. The catch was/is (all of their rebates are like this):
    1) You have to wait 6 months before redeeming the rebates
    2) If your acct is canceled w/in the first 6 months, they charge you an additional $150
    3) You have to stay on the same or higher priced rate plan
    4) The rebate forms are laid out in a manner that could lead you to leave out some of the required information (i.e. you have to include your shipping receipt, and a Welcome sheet.)

    That being said, even if the rebates don't go through, a Treo 650 for $279 is a pretty good deal. I'll be calling them tomorrow to find out about getting a phone for my wife and switching to a family plan, although I'm nervous that they'd say anything in the hopes of having me void my rebate.
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    I can't handle rebates 6 months later. I have trouble keeping track of mail-in rebates that allow you to file immediately. By the time I get a rebate check (8~12 weeks later), if I do, I wonder what the heck it was for.

    But like you said, even if you don't get the two separate $100 rebates, it maybe worth it to get the T650 for $279; that's better than what most people paid. I've seen them go anywhere from $319 to $699.
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    Sure, and that's what they're betting on. I was a little pissed off when I saw the terms, but checking back at the site,all of their rebates are like that, so I should have done my homework.
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