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    I just called Cingular to order a Treo 650 for me and a Motorola V551 for my wife. We wanted to get the $69 Family plan and add a line for $9 (plus get the data plan for the Treo).

    When I told them I wanted to get a family plan, they said I couldn't do that with a PDA. Has anyone had a similar experience?
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    My wife and I have a family plan with two T650s plus a spare Nokia GAIT phone. No problem. We also have MEdia plans for SMS and data.
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    I have a family plan with one treo 650 (data plan) two MPx220 (data plans) and a Samsung e317. But the first phone on the plan was the Samsung though and the others were added a couple weeks apart.... I did it at the cingular store instead of over the phone. I have found the people at the store to be much more helpful. Maybe just set up a regular plan then add the shared line with the treo. Just an idea.
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    I was able to order it the way I wanted through the website. I'm crossing my fingers.
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    I have family plan with two 650 and 1 600. easiets way to do this is to walk into Cingular Corporate store and have one of the reps do it for you there.
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    I also purchased my 600 on a family line. Ask for a supervisor if you call again. Cing's reps are not the brightest.
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    We bought 3 plans just before XMas and added the Treo on Feb 3. Switched main phone ($59.99) charge to Treo from original phone
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    I have the 1100 minutes shared plan for $69.99 with Cingular. I can change phones all I want. In fact I'm using two pocket pc phones and one flip phone. They have no business telling me what to do. I pay for the SIM and Service. Where I use my SIM is not their concern.
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    I also use the 650 on a family plan - 2000 minutes.

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