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    Just saw that the Treo650 and BB 7100 are missing from the Cingular online store at

    Seems a little surprising but perhaps Cingular is getting nervous or hearing too many complaints. If true, that's more likely to get Palm's attention than our individual "ranting".

    If anyone notices, yes, I'm on Sprint and happy with my 650. Main reason I'm not GSM (like most of my friends) is that I can't get my data plan for the same price anywhere else ($50/month makes a big difference).
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    $50? Vision is $15. Did they sucker you into taking a laptop data plan for your T650?

    Btw, Cingular pulled more than the T650 from its web site and its stores. They also pulled SX66 pocket PC phone, and other phones. But telesales has access to inventory at the warehouses.
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    No, no laptop data plan. To get the same minutes with unlimited data and sms at Cingular, it would cost me $50 more per month.

    Strange what they are doing with the site since the SX66 and BB 7100 are both new phone models. If they were just reconfiguring the site, I'd expect to see all the changes at once. I wouldn't think they'd be getting out of the "high end" phone biz. Not sure what explains it.
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    SX66 and Treo 650 are still on Cingular's site for the Houston area:
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    In fact, they still show up for me on the link you provided as well...
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    I promise they weren't there when I looked last night and double/triple checked before I posted. However, you are right the SX66 and Treo650 are back. I guess that means the BB 7100 will reappear as well.

    I guess I just caught it during a web site update. Wierd though.
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    The Treo650 and the SX66 were put back on the site some time between last night and this morning. The Blackberry 7100g will not be back for a while -- they are only offerring it via Business Sales. Does anyone know if there was any truth to the rumor that the Treo 650 would only be put back on the Cingular site once a comprehensive patch was available? Do these T650 have a new patch? Just curious...
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    One day they are there, another day they disappear. Cingular has REAL problems with their web site performance. But that still does not explain pulling these phones from stores, and making them available only online and through Telesales.

    I talked to many reps, and no one has an explanation; only speculation.
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    I suspect that attirbuting planning, malice or subterfuge is actually giving them more credit than they deserve. I think you hit it spot on -- they have problems with their fulfilment department, whether it's web or retail. There's a lot going on at Cingular these days, and they simply don't have their act in gear.

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