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    Wanting to switch from Verizon Treo 600 to Cingular Treo 650, due to GSM for international travel. A critical requirement of mine is to sync my office outlook (email, contact, calendar, tasks, memo) to my Treo wirelessly (at least when in the States), as I am doing that now with Wireless Sync (a program running on a pc) from Verizon. I haven't been able to find or confirm such a program available on Cingular.

    I would have lived with Versamail or equivelant to sync email and calendar wirelessly over the air all others contact, tasks, etc via hotsync cable, except my office MS Exchange Server is 2000, not 2003 which is required. This could have been nice as I don't need a redirector (an extra pc redirecting email/calendar) being on all the time.

    So I started to investigate Xpress Mail from Cingular. It looks 3 different editions, Personal, Enterprise, and Networks. I read through everything I could find on personal edition, it looks like it can sync email, and email only. I would appreciate if someone could shed some light on this.... My goal is sync Outlook (email, calendar, contact, etc) over the air, but can live with only the email and calendar over the air, all others via hotsync.


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    I use xpress mail on my 650. It syncs email,corporate and personnel contacts as well as the contents of any given folder (my documents) that you give access to. You can also have a couple of pop3 accounts as well from xpress mail. I have had a couple issues where there have been data interuptions, but I would say i am very satisfied overall, especially considering it's free!!!
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    Thank you for your confirmation, Treoseur!

    Are you using the Personal edition of Xpress mail or Enterprise or Network edition? And it synchronizes email, calendar, contacts, tasks and memo? in other words, the entire Outlook? Also they are available offline as well (not just online access, but replicated in Treo 650)?
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    zinan - i am in the same boat as you are, left VZ 600 for cingular 650 because of gsm and cheaper data plans. xpress mail personal is not bad, but is not as complete a sync as wireless sync from VZ is. email works basically the same, it "pushes" it to your treo via a redirect...the calendar does sync wirelessly and can be used without being "connected", like on an airplane, but you can NOT enter new appointments into the treo to be synced back to your work computer. tasks and memos are not touched at all by xpress mail personal. contacts can be accessed from the treo, both corporate and personal, but you must have an additive internet connection because xpress mail personal does not store the contact info on the treo - simply goes and finds the contact listing you are looking for when you want it. it does have advantages over wireless sync when it comes to document handling (i can access all my documents on my desktop without having to sync them using docs to go) and handling sending new emails from the treo with documents attached (can't do this with wireless sync).

    i personally like xpress mail personal, though the not being able to enter a new calendar event into the program and have it synced to my desktop is annoying, so i just use work arounds. i use a traditional hot sync to keep my calendar, contacts, tasks and memos up-to-date on my treo. there is a program by Nextworks called Nexchange Corporate (you can find info about it on this board if you do a search) that claims to sync calendar, contacts, tasks and memos wirelessly directly with your company server. my server settings proclude me from using the software, both others have seemed to find success.

    hope that helps explain the differences between wireless sync and xpress mail personal. i have no experience with xpress mail network or enterprise.
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    thank you for thorough explanation of the differences between Xpress Mail and Wireless Sync, Jeff. Thank you so much... I probably will follow your advice on over-the-air sync of email and most of calendar, but rely on hot sync for calendar, contacts, memos, tasks. Sounds like I can separate Xpress Mail Desktop/redirector (on a pc in the office always on) from Palm Desktop/Outlook Conduit (will be on my laptop, travel with me), When I travel I will always have my laptop with me for the hot sync to my treo... Is my understadning correct?

    I have a few more questions for you, if you don't mind:

    1. Do you use Xpress Mail for your personal email (pop) as well?
    2. Can those personal emails be sent (or replied) out as if from the personal email account (the sender field), instead of must from corp. outlook account as VZ Wireless Sync does (which is annoying)...?
    3. have you taken your treo to Europe or Asia, does Xpress email work there over-the-air?
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    Crowdawg54, thanks for the mention, David Dionne here with Nextworks, we have the product called Nexchange. I just wanted to let you know that we 15 min ago released ver. 1.4 that adds functionality for exchange servers that utilzed the new and imporved Forms or cookie based login which if memory serves, your company has...feel free to get it on handango or palmgear, it comes with a 30 day eval.
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    Another note about Xpress Mail PE, though it does sync your calendar, it does not sync everything, only a specified window which I believe is user determined. Also, it does not sync your calendar entries into the default calendar program, but instead uses its own calendar program which IMO is very primitive. If all you need to do however is see your appointments, then it does the job.
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    zinan - you're welcome for the assistance. you are correct, you can seperate the software for xpress mail (you simply download it from the cingular web site onto your pc) and leave it running on your desktop and then put the outlook conduit for syncing on your laptop.

    to answer your additional questions:
    1 & 2) yes i use xpress mail for my personal email and did, for a time, use the pop3 feature in xpress mail. though like wireless sync when you replay to an email you received from your personal account it comes from your corporate account, not your personal account. i guess, if you are uncomfortable with that you could always just set-up versamail to use for your personal email and that way when you respond it is like it's coming from your personal account, not your corporate account. i have said what the heck and just have all my personal account email redirected to my corporate account and basically use one email now - but that's me. versamail would allow you to use pop3 personal account and respond from that same account.
    3) no, i have not traveled internationally with my treo yet and at this time don't have any planned trips. i do know on cingular's web site is talks about international data rates, but i don't know if that means though that xpress mail works as it does in the US.
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    david - great memory about my company...we do use the new form based log-in for OWA, etc. i am happy to say that after loading the new 1.4 verison i was able to successfully sync wirelessly!!! well done!! i want to do some additional testing, etc. but have a feeling i will be a long time user.

    2 issues i noticed though...1) it is an awful slow sync - the first time was 20+ minutes...since then it's been quicker, so that's good. and overall not slow enough to stop using it, just not a "quick sync". 2) the weird issue though is with my calendar sync - after april 2 it has changed the times of my appointments, mostly my "all day" or regular weekly appointments. my weekly meeting times are moved up an hour, say instead of being listed as starting at 7:30am, it now says after april 2nd 6:30am. the all day appointments are now either listed from 12:00am to 11:00pm - or 11:00pm to 12:00am - it's just weird. and i have no clue why it starts after april 2 - everything from today to then seem fine. also...after a period of time (a few months it seems, i didn't look that closely) it doesn't seem to have sync'd any of my appointments - is that a part of the program to save time it doesn't sync the entire calendar? this would be a problem for me since i will plan some vacations, or travel to special events over a year in advance and if i can't see them on my treo it would be a bit frustrating.

    okay i think that is it for now...but again, thanks for getting it just to connect to a server set-up as my companies is - awesome and a great start!
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    crowdawg54, wow, that is great news. Yes, the initial sync can take a long time depending on how large your data stores are and/or how much history you have in your calendar etc. One thing to keep in mind is that during the beta we have a technology called HyperSyncTM disabled to assist in troubleshooting. HyperSync essentially quadruples the network throughput which makes a night and day difference, especially on the initial sync. WOW!! you arent kidding, that is very unusual about the dates. I have opened an emergency ticket to investigate this. Is there anyway you could goto , register and open a ticket so that i can make sure that we take care of this as quickely as possibe? We havent ever had an issue with data integrity. Also, we sync everything that is in your exchange store, In fact we have a customer syncing 10,000 calendar events which ranged from 1997 to 2008...but we are going to implement a date range in the app that lets the user specify how much history and future they want to keep on the device for each data store...we belive that this will work better then trying to convince users to use the autoarchive feature in outlook.

    Thank you for the kind words and taking the time to give us a chance!! We will take care of you.
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    yep - getting the info filled out as i type here on your site david. i have been assigned number 45.
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    Great crowdawg54, thanks
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    Very very encouraging.... I am going to buy my treo 650 now... and will report later on my experience as well...

    I guess I could still need Xpress Mail for syncing mails and PIM with nextworks, right?

    Thank you Jeff, David and others for your help.
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    I was going to try NexChange but I can't use it unless I VPN in trhough the firewall (Xpress mail's redirector eliminates this need) and I didn't want it to take over my built in calendar, notes, todo, etc which I use for personal stuff.
    I like to have my business calendar and separate. That's one reason I used to use Beyond Contacts to sync up with outlook. It supported everying native to outlook and kept my business info separate. Now I use XPress Mail and don't need to use Beyond Contacts anymore.

    Each to his own, though, most people don't want separate databases like this.
    It would be nice if Nexchange had the option to use it's own sepearate PIM databases or integrate with somethign like Beyond Contacts as on option to the built in PIM databases.
    Nextchange sounds like a great product though. If I weren't so set in my ways it'd probabally the the perfect app for me.

    Again though, I'm probabally the minority here.

    By the way, I know where you can get Movian VPN if you need it. Send me an email.
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    zinan, yes you could, nexchange works with the native palm db's which is great because it allows the user to independantly use the front end of their choice.

    taylorh, first, nexchange does not need to use the vpn unless you have to connect to the vpn to access Outlook Web Access. Second, i am very glad you have expressed the desire to have distict profiles that are programatically separate, that is the fundamental design framework for Nexchange Personal and Nexchange Enterprise Editions. Those editions will utilize the native palm db's as well as create all new db's for different profiles just like you for business and one for personal. Third, thank you for the kind words and if you go to our support site, register and open a ticket i will include you in the beta for the personal and enterprise editions when we arrive at that development milestone (2 to 4 months).
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    All, I bought treo650 at a cingular store... have xpress mail personal set up for my corp mail and calendar (only 12 weeks ahead max). hotsync with my contacts, calendar, memos and tasks. It worked great! thank for all of your help. I will, when have some time today or tomorrow, try nextchange, David.

    Is there a trick for versamail?.... it's so slow... barely retrieved twice... and haven't been able to send at all... I am using that for my personal pop mail...

    I will take treo to Europe to find out if xpress mail will work there...
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    only thing i can think of with versamail is have you doubled checked that your settings are correct?

    hope you enjoy your treo - i do love mine!!!
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    Jeff, thanks. were you able to make Nextchange work? and worked all the kinks?
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    zinan - i have gotten nexchange to connect and sync data...david and his team are still working out some kinks in my calendar app. i trust they will get there sooner, rather then later.
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    Jeff, keep us posted. I finally get my versamail to work with personal pop (I played with my smtp port numbers.. different than in my outlook express I used for it on my laptop, strange!)... is there a way in versamail to specific my name so that the recipient would see it as "from" instead just my email address?
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