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    I've read the threads about people's problems signing up for MEdiaNet for their 650. Here is a webpage I found for ordering MEdiaNet for existing customers:

    It doesn't list the 650 as a MediaNet supported phone, but I was wondering if anyone has had success signing up for MediaNet for their Treo through this website.

    (I would try it myself, but Cingular forgot to include a SIM card with my Treo so my phone isn't activated yet! )

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    I dont think the mediaNet package will work, but i dont know, on the website it says no, but they are tricky.

    edit: i was able to add the 24.99 unlimited pan on the cingular web site but not delet my old data lan, i am goin to call tomorrow to ditch the more expensive one.
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    I ordered (2/2/05) my Treo650 through PalmOne and was given the opportunity to sign up for Media Works (unlimited GPRS, 1500 text, 200 MMS) for $19.99/month. I have tested my connection through and gotten a 72kbps on the 200 test.

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