Anyone else using T-Mobile's MyEmail program? It runs much like Cingular and Sprint's BusinessXpress mail programs. You download this program (written apparently by Research in Motion...the folks behind Blackberry) and it links with your corporate eMail server and forwards your corporate eMail to T-Mobile. Then your Treo 650 uses versamail to "pull" these eMails from the T-Mobile server.

Its really the only solution we could get to work at my business because of the firewall and lack of Microsoft's Exchange Server 2003. It works okay, but often times it can't download the messages for various reasons. Also it doesn't seem to update the eMails that are on my main computer (in Outlook)...other than that, I can't complain. I used to use Visto's MessageXpress, but they have shut that service down, so I guess this is the next best thing.

Anybody have any feedback on this setup or other solutions?

I'll be happy when the Blackberry program is ready for the Treo/Palm devices (our company already has a blackberry server).