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    hi guys... I just decided to get the treo 650 from ATT ( i am assuming as all the checkout notifications on the website say its att wireless even though the CSS style pages are Cingular. Anyways ... when ordering this phone I was not given a choice to select a data plan or anything . I just selected the cheapest voice plan in the mean time thinking that once I get the phone I can go to the store and slap on the data plans. BTW the phone was 244.99 free shipping and free activation. Got the nation 200 29.99 plan for now.

    Anyways I been confused with what I hear from the Cingular Stores and what i read on the forum ( i am new here ) did not read too far into all the threads.

    What are the data plans available. I hear some people talk about the Media Net 24.99 unlimited plan but when I ask the Cingular guys at the store the say that that plan will not work for the Treo 650. They say instead there is a 39.99 pda plan that I can lookup on the website on Cingular.

    I am in Houston TX . From what I can tell we have EDGE coverage can anyone else confirm this?

    Can someone point me ot explain to me what plans I need to get to use my t650 for email im and web unlimited. Also I used to have a Treo 300 where I used the pdanet program to connect to my laptop. Is this still possible with T650 and will that cost extra on the data plans ..? I had sprint before and they never charged when i used the pda phone as a modem to my laptop.

    Thanks for all your answers. I realize that this may have already been answered somewhere else.
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    In most of the stores that I am aware of, they have to tell you certain things cause that is what they are told to tell you. That MediaNet will work on the 650 as well as those lucky individuals who got the old Media Works plan that had the unlimited internet and text and media messaging included. As for tethering, you can do it with a new version of PDANet from what I've seen and also I read some place on here that Shadowmite also has a patch that lets you tether as well, I've done neither but I know you can. I can confirm the edge coverage down there, I live in PA and I know it works great here, I get around 120k a second.
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    so you were able to get EDGE speeds too in Houston ..assuming you were down here at some point.

    That sucks .. I do sure like to have sms and MMS included in the package.
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    Never been to Texas so I don't know of the edge speeds down there.
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    I ordered a Treo 650 as well through the ATT/Cingular emp discount website. I'm have not signed up for a data plan yet, though. Were you able to get your emp discount on a MediaNet plan?

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