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    Hi all,
    I've been reading this board for a few months now patiently waiting for the right time to order a treo...that time has come and gone.

    2/12 - Call cingular to make sure they have Treos in stock, they assure me they do
    2/13 - Ordered the treo despite issues read on this board
    2/15 - Cingular ships me a data cable and charges my cc the full amount for the phone and accessories
    2/17 - Call and ask why phone is on backorder. Lady assures me that the phone has shipped today, but no tracking info available
    2/18 - Call and ask again why phone is on backorder. Lady says phone was always on backorder and that they will receive more on Monday
    2/22 - Call and ask why phone is still on backorder and why was my cc charged. Lady says phone on backorder until at least March 5th and they didn't charge my cc, only put a hold on it. Ok, I know you're too stupid to understand how a cc works, but when it shows up on my bill, it's no longer a hold. Loose patience...ask for a full refund.

    Since the stores in Atlanta don't seem to ever pick up the phone or return a call after a msg is left...I guess I'm out of luck.
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    Welcome to CinguLiars. I had a similar experience returning a PPC phone to them, and in general dealing with telesales, CS, and TS. They are all trained to be BS artists to try to clam you down and hang up the phone. Once you do, hang up, your case usually goes into the ignore list of things to do.

    Going into corporate stores is not much better. Most of these reps know nothing, and you end up more frustrated; in my case screaming "Incompetent" at the entire store staff. Good help is hard to find, especially when you pay them peanuts.

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