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    I used to have AT&T wireless. AT&T wireless went from having awesome/best CS to having completely rediculous in the last 1-2 years.
    So I switched to Cingular 9 months ago. Cingular always had pretty darn good CS. Competent, and had my call completed in a matter of 2-3 min.

    I've been on hold for 20 mins now with a CS rep to answer a simple F'ing question. This is exactly what happened on AT&T. I would call, ask a question, they'd put me on hold for 20 min while the go ask someone for help. They'd come back, answer the wrong question, and when I'd clearify the question, they'd put me on hold for another 20 mins while they go get help again. Avg call length was 45-60 min. In the end I'd have to call them back a few days later because they screwed something up and I'd have to call to have them fix it. I'm not exagerating one tiny bit.
    What's with the (now 25 min) hold time while this guy gets help?

    I think I've got the old AT&T call center, I'm serious.

    I guess Cing really raised the bar.
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    Cingular raised the bar for midgets.

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