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    The check min option on my Cingular phone menu seems pretty worthless. Today I tried it again. It sent me a SMS that stated as of *2/06* (my monthly billing date) I have 1250 min in my plan. I *know* I am on the 1250 plan. They should name this the "Check what your monthly plan is" button. (guess that would not fit in the box..hehe) Has this worked right for anyone or is it just my phone?
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    Hello Hotoru,

    So far the 'Check minutes' function seems utterly worthless, in the times I have tried it on my cingular 650 it has come back with either 0 minutes used or a seemingly random number. It seems to go up and down in minutes used at random sometimes coming back as 0 used when that is clearly not the case. I've had mine for little over a week now, replaced the 600 I had all of last year. Really like the new features but man this thing is buggy, the vmail button wigs out randomly, Goodlink syncs on a totally unpredictable schedule.

    Do you know if the Sprint model has been exhibiting as many bugs as the Cingular one?

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    I do not seem to see as many complaints from the Sprint folks. Might be that they have had more time to work the bugs out since it has been out on sprint for four months. Some have accused the Cingular ROM as being poorly written and buggy.. Who knows maybe they will come out with a patch...we could get lucky
    Pilot 512 >PPilot Pro > PalmV > Tungsten T > T3> Treo 650 Cingular
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    GoodLink syncs automatically whenever there is ever any activity on your Exchange server. There isn't a set schedule for syncing back to Exchange.
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    Thanks GG.. I know it's activity based, been using GL for two years now what I really meant was random in the sense that while there is new mail on the server (lots of it at times), my Treo will not sync up with it for hours at a time.. when it does there is no clear indicator of why as it will have been sitting on my bar with a fine signal for the last 4 - 5 hours and suddenly start syncing again at random.. very weird behaviour, never saw this with my ATTWS Treo 600..
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    My fault. You may want to check the posts regarding issues with Cingular and the GSM 650 in the GoodLink thread.

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