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    I just placed an order for the Treo 650 on Cingulars website and wanted to know in order for me to get the rebate of $50 I also need to get the unlimited PDA data plan?
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    Yup.. If you don't sign up for the PDA Unlimited you can't get the rebate....

    Welcome to the land of fine print. Spend and extra $15 a month for the next couple of years and we'll give you $50 for your trouble.
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    so to be clear, the $24.99 Medianet plan will not qualify you to get the $50 rebate?? That stinks! was not at all clear in any collateral that I saw when buying my 650 from Cingular.. lame. Making me think harder about the Sprint 650 since at least CDMA seems a bit more reliable than GSM/GPRS/EDGE these days..
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    you have to get the 39.99 pda data plan which sucks.

    you're not really saving anything.
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    If i knew sooner, I think I would have gotten my phone throught Amazon!
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    Is this for real? I looked through the rebate form and couldn't really tell if you had to get the $39 PDA plan...
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    It is in the fine print--you need to have the full bore data plan at $40/month to save a total of $50 on the rebate--NOT worth it for me.
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    Not worth it to me either. The financial benefit would be lost in 3 months!

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