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    There are some brilliant geniuses out there at T-Mobile. Perhaps T-Mobile is angry that I have switched over. Anyhow, my Cingular Treo 650 phone is scheduled to come in on Monday. Why the hell did they already cancel my account on Thursday??

    I don't have a mobile phone for 4 to 5 days!!!

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    It would have been better if you waited till your new phone arrived then ported the number from TMobile to Cinuglar. Oh well, others have made the same mistake.
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    same thing happened to me. after many hours on the phone with t-mobile, palmone and cingular, someone in cingular's porting department finally admitted that it was their fault. specifically, their "Gateway Department's" fault. some kind of programming glitch that sometimes does an automatic port over request upon approval of the new customer's credit check. delightful.

    whoopee, cingular gave me $30 of free airtime. i'm so ticked off, that this combined with the poor sound quality of the 650 is making me think i'll probably just return the phone, cancel my new Cingular contract and go back to t-mobile. fyi, you have 60 days to go back to your same exact t-mobile account (i.e., no new contract needed).
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    also, MD, after fighting with Cingular at length, they finally agreed that they would reimburse me $25 if i went to one of their stores and bought a sim card. that way, if you have an unlocked phone right now, you can pop the new sim card in and start using cingular's service right now. after all, your number has already been ported over to them. all just depends on whether you have a phone that can take a cingular sim card before your new 650 arrives.

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