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    I've spoken to both Cingular and PalmOne. Neither group seems to know anything about the SIM card replacement initiative. PalmOne is actually sending me out a new 650 because they believe that mine is defective.
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    Update - I spoke, again, to Cingular this morning and things have now changed... The rep I spoke with was aware of the problem, called 4 stores and sent me to one that had the chip in stock. I got to the store (16th & Chestnut in Philadelphia) and they too were aware of the problem, but did not have the SIMs in stock... They said they were expecting them by Wednesday of this week. I also found out that the problem is somewhat market specific - the 'A' SIMs (which have longer serial numbers) were always being used in some markets - specifically NYC and NJ. All Pennsylvania phones were initially issued G (Gemplus) SIMs. Not sure what other markets have which SIMs, but it is (apparently) tied to the propensity for fraud in a market (eg. NYC was getting the more secure card).

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    I bought mine in NY and have a Gemplus 64k need to look for a "G" in the serial number for identification though as it very clearly says "Gemplus" right on it. Perhaps these are the OK ones as I am having no problems.
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    Same here in Central NJ. New Gemstar 64K SIM provided to me from a Cingular Retailer on Weds. 2/16. No problems as far as reboots go. Only phone related problems I have had have been two lockups during a phone conversation that killed my bluetooth headset signal, while the touchscreen freezes and won't let me hang up the call. Only a reset by either pressing the reset button or pulling the battery alleviated the condition). Other than this I have had no other issues or lockups. Voicemail is fine and I have had no random reboots that were not institued by me..
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    Looks like I spoke too soon. Yesterday, my phone rebooted when the phone rang, then when I checked the VM number, it wass a string of 000's. I called CS and they had me go to a store to swap out the SIM card.

    Oddly enough, everything seems to be working now (got an 'A' SIM), but when I look up the VM number in the phone, it's not my cell number. It calls into my VM and works though.

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    I was told that the number appearing in the VM field is the primary number of your local cell trunk. Kinda of the same thing when you call into a phone exchange. Your phone then identify's itself (no password needed) and you are routed to your own voicemail box

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