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    I'd heard a while ago that Cingular/ATT had the ability to see if you are using your laptop, through your phone, by way of software like PDAnet - and that they might charge you to do so. I looked on their website and found the following:

    6. "Unlimited usage applies to BlackBerry e-mail, Internet browsing, and qualified applications that use the BlackBerry Mobile Data Service. Other, non-qualified data usage is charged at $0.005 per KB."

    Can anyone tell me if your cell phone provider can detect your laptop use and if there are any such charges? Especially with Cingular? Thanks!
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    #6 applies to the Blackberry Access.

    What you'd want, and what I have, for the Treo is the PDA Connect unlimited. It's AT&T's PDA data plan.

    I had the same plan when on my Treo 600 and used PDAnet for my laptop and didn't see anything odd or extra on my monthly bills. All charges fell under the unlimited plan.

    As for Cingular, I'm not sure of their PDA Plan. I'm still with AT&T and continue to use my T600 plan, only upgraded hardware. I didn't want to move to Cingular.

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