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    Ok, it sounds like my experience might be a little different from what I've seen, so I wanted to post it. Any comments are welcome.

    I called around to 4 stores in the Salt Lake City area before finding a Treo650 in stock. They agreed to hold it for me until I could get in there this afternoon. I then went to the cingular website and added a 650, the $25 media plan, and the $5 200 sms message package to a shopping cart. I printed the page out and took it with me to the store.

    I said "I want this.", and handed the rep the printout. After conferring with the manager, and telling me that they usually don't allow the $25 plan on Treos, they agreed to give it to me. They also offered me Lockline insurance for $3.99 per month.

    I bought the phone and took it home. I checked my account online and everything seems like it's all set up. The store rep told me that if there was a problem with them misbilling my Internet access due to the wrong plan, to call him and he'd go over it with them. He also told me to hold onto that printed page as proff that this was a "supported" configuration.

    I was also told that after 6 months, they'd unlock the phone for me.

    Initial take on the Treo 650:
    I tried out the Sprint version ffor 2 weeks, so I can make some comparisons. Overall volume of the handset in both speakerphone and handset phone use is louder on the Cingular version. Call sound quality seems comparable. I'll post another follow-up after a few days of use.
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    Just a little precaution on the $3.99 insurance. Although you can enroll, or a rep can enroll you, the policy that Cingular chose with Lockiline EXCLUDES all PDA phones (Treo650, SX66, and others). The system will not stop you or a rep from selecting the plan, but Lockline will not honor replacements for PDA phones.

    As for the MEdia Net for $24.99 vs. the bogus PDA plan for $39.99 they tray to push, you did okay. They will not, and should not, bill you additional data usage.
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    Just to second the comment above, don't waste your money paying for the LockLine Cingular insurance--cancel it. Instead pay for a rider on the personal articles part of your homeowners policy. Same $$, and no surprises later when LockLine does not pay.

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