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    I know you can check your minute usage on the Treo 650 but can you check how much data you have used? I signed up with MediaWoks before the 12th and was told several times that my data was unlimited and not the 3mb cap. I don't trust Cingular yet. I don't want a bill from hell. How can I check my data usage?
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    I don't see the data usage on my online bill detail. But I called CS several times to be sure it is "Still" Unlimited - each time something changed in my account. I got my first hard copy bill for a number I used for a week and data usage detail, and "unlimited" showing next to MEdia Works; only the price of $19.99. Yet CS tell me I'm on the unlimited plan, with 1500 SMS, and 250 MM.
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    Doing a search on this topic comes back with folks talking about the T600 not having a data log meter installed on the phone. It also sounds like there are a few third party programs that claim to track your Kb usage but they dont' work with the Treo's.

    This isn't right, I shouldn't feel as though I can't send emails and use the internet because I'm afraid Cingular doesn't have all there ducks in a row. CS tells me I have unlimited but if you talk to ten CS reps they all tell you something differant. I just don't want a huge bill for something I was told would be unlimited.

    I think what I might do is call CS and let them confirm with me that I do have unlimited and if I get charged they will correct my bill by tapping the conversation. Sad I feel I have to go this route.
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    TrafficStat will track data usage on a Treo 600, don't know if it works on the memory eater 650
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    TrafficStat works for the data metering but I found a bug with it on the unlocked GSM Treo 650 and T-Mobile. If I have it enabled, I can't send or receive MMS messages. I emailed the developer and they said they have confirmed the problem on the Treo 600 but hadn't known if affected the 650 also. I would assume this would affect Cingular also.
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