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    After waiting 2 weeks for my unlcoked 650, and learning in the interim that 19.99 MW was canceled, I finally got the Treo today and went directly to my local "official" Cingular store. After some very light *****ing and moaning, the manager agreed to give me the old unlimited 19.99 MW. And yes, I was very explicit that this is the cancelled plan with unlimited internet and a ****-load of SMS, not the current 3MB 19.99 plan.

    It was remarkably easy. I think the magic words were "deal breaker" and "T-Mobile." Good luck!
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    I would check back with CS in a couple of days to be sure you have the following:

    -Unlimited web, not 3MB, or 8MB
    -1500 SMS
    -200-250 MM

    I learned my lesson the hard way with CinguLiars. They'll tell you anything verbally, but you turn around and they shaft you.
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    Thanks for the tip. I got it in writing from the manager.
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    Before I buy the Treo 650, I called a friend of mine that is a rep in Cingular. I wanted to change my plan to Media Works (19.99 unlimited) 'cause I have a Samsung E317. I told her that the plan change on Mid February. She spoke with her Store Manager and the answer was that she need more info on the plan to change it. That if I know someone that has the plan, call her and give her that someone phone number. This is to see what's exactly in the plan. Did I missed something here? Well, I sent her the Image of the plan in this forum. She told me it's easier having a phone no of someone with the plan.

    Can someone help me outhere?

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    I think that's BS. She sounds like a real winner. LOL

    They can see the plans online. They don't need a phone number to do it.
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    She told me she need the phone number for the Plan Code. She said that some Plans are available at her computer but she need the exact code (i.e. NGSM600R UMM UNW) in order to give me the same plan... Remember that it's an old plan, not a current one. If you can gime me the code... I think it's on your bill.


    Keep Walking! - J.W.
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    Just went and checked my bill for you. I saw a code like you mentioned for the voice portion but nothing like that for the Media Works portion. Sorry.
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    Jeep is right. These codes are only for voice plans, not for MEdia Works. If a cingular rep can't find it I feel sorry for them. I talk to CS all the time. They know what I'm talking about when I say UNLIMITED MEdia Works for $19.99.
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    So is it to late to get media works unlimited?
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    When I access "My Account" and then go to "My Phone" and then "My Rate Plan", slect my line (out of 4 on family plan) and then add features....these are my <g>.

    PDA Connect - Unlimited $39.99 Add Feature
    Text Messaging - 2500 messages/month $19.99 Add feature
    MEdia Net - Unlimited $24.99 Add feature
    MEdia Net - 8 MB/month $19.99 Add feature
    Text Messaging - 200 messages/month $4.99 Add feature
    Extended Nights and Weekends $7.00 Add feature
    MEdia Works $19.99 Add feature
    MEdia Basic $9.99 Add feature
    Xpress Mail for BlackBerry - 4 MB/month $34.99 Add feature
    Xpress Mail for BlackBerry - Unlimited $44.99 Add feature
    Unlimited Shared Mobile to Mobile Calling $9.99 Add feature
    Unlimited Mobile to Mobile Calling $9.99 Add feature
    Voice Connect $4.99 Add feature
    Detailed Billing $0.99 Add feature
    Enhanced Voice Mail $3.99 Add feature
    Roadside Assistance $2.99 Add feature
    Three-Way Calling $0.99 Add feature
    Text Messaging - 50 messages/month $2.99 Add feature
    MEdia Net - 500 KB/month $4.99 Add feature
    Text Messaging - 1000 messages/month $9.99 Add feature
    MEdia Net - 3 MB/month $9.99 Add feature
    Basic Voice Mail $1.99 Add feature
    Call Forwarding $0.99 Add feature
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    That MEdia Works that you see today is the 3MB package. As far as I know the unlimited media works is gone. The next best thing would be the MEdia Net - Unlimited for $24.99, If you go back to where you got that information you will see that it is hyperlinked and can click on it to tell you what it is.

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