I have an AT&T Sim and the unlimited data plan and I've been trying to setup DUN with little success. Tried all the settings mentioned on other posts.
I called the Tech Support and they say that having unlimited mmode does not provide DUN access, you need the "mobile internet plan". This is the first I'm hearing of this plan.
What kind of a plan are y'all with working DUN using?

Does one really need this "mobile internet plan". (I can browse on my Treo, isn't that good enuf?)

With my settings when I double click on my "DialUp networking on ..." icon I sometimes (1 in 10 tries) get to the username/password dialog, but most times it just fails saying "The Dial-up Networking connection failed: Could not connect to the remote device". When I attempt to connect my phone wakes up and all, so I'm sure it's trying to get through.

Anyone been through this same configuration?