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    I just found out that the little code that was rumored to unlock the sim (which it does) will work with any combination of numbers. It was rumored that *#*#1234# would do it, the funny thing is that any sequence of numbers between the *#*# # wil work. Funny!!!
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    This does NOT unlock the SIM subsidy lock on the Treo 650. These are PUK codes to unlock the SIM card itself if you lock it. If you really want a fully unlocked Cingular T650 which can accept ANY SIM card, you need to get an official 8-digit SIM Subsidy Unlock Code from Cingular tech support. This code is specific to the IMEI of your phone. Please search the forums for details, and do not fall for the 'free and easy' fix.
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    If you would have really read my thread instead of looking for something to comment on you would have realized that I said "sim unlock" for a reason because it unlocks the sim. The Subsidy unlock code as you so elaquently stated is a whole different thing. I just got my 8 digit "SUBSIDY UNLOCK" code today from Cingular and now have an unlocked phone.

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