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    Oops, don't make the same mistake I made. Make sure you avoid the USPS shipping options. To this point I have found that when my packages ship on Thursday or Friday, which most always seems to be the case, overnight shipping or 3-5 day shipping accomplishes about the same result - delivery on Monday or Tuesday.

    USPS has proven otherwise. My treo shipped Thursday of last week from Louisville KY to my home in the Rocky Mountains. You can imagine my surprise when the tracking system reported it arriving in OH then WI. After 3 days rest in WI my treo is moving again. The problem is I have no idea of it's next destination. Maybe TX? I was worried that it might end up in Canada somewhere but I don't think USPS routes through Canada - do they?

    Don't sell your UPS stock just yet.
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    The other main difference to remember is with USPS when they say 3 - 5 days, that is the time frame for the package to get to your sort facility - it could be up to another 2 days after that for your mail carrier to receive it and deliver it to you!!!
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