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    I bought a T-mobile prepaid phone and SIM today just to play around with. It turns out the Prepaid phone is subsidy locked to T-Mobile. While talking to TMo cs they told me I gotta wait 90 days before they unlock it for me. They sounded just like Cingular I wondered if I was actually talking to TMo. If it's prepaid why should it be locked? No thanks. This baby is going back tonmorrow.

    Well, at least I found, using T-Mobile SIM, which of my Cingular phones was locked. The SX66 was unlocked, but the Moto v551 was locked. Now, I gotta make Cingular unlock it. Good luck to me.
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    Yes, it is locked. You can check your purchase contract as well as TMo website. They don't specifically say its locked, only that you cannot use other SIM card on it.

    PS: I forgot to say, I bought a Siemens CF62T and signed up for prepaid account and used it for Canada trip and I discovered I cannot use it in Canada for any prepaid SIM.
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