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    Has anybody researched changing from tmob to cingular to get a 650 for $399?
    I have a 600 on tmobile and am long past any contract
    I currently pay for the 19.99 unlimeted web access, from what i can tell from their web site cingular has no such plan?

    Has anyone made the switch? how do the plans compare?

    the other options are to wait for tmobile( who would rather me buy a sidekick ) or get an overpriced unlocked phone as i did initialy with the 600)

    any thought, or experiences?
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    I never had a T600. But have had a Sidecrap . . . errr kick in the past.

    I like T-mobile's service and the price is good for data. I sprung for the Unlocked P1 T650. It arrives tomorrow. I hear there is a great deal of success with Tmobile and unlocked models from those who've been lucky enough to get them.
    Unlocked P1 T650 + 12" Powerbook + Scion xA = Happiness
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    I agree I have liked tmobile and would be sorry to switch, but i am a bit fed up with them always lagging behind. were did you get the unlocked phone and what kind of wait is there?
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    I thought about switching also, but tmo has great plans and rates.

    Im not switching for a t650.

    I thought about it. but i dont think its worth it for minor pgrades.

    im keeping my t600 till the wheels fall off. eerrrr... antenta falls off?
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    just closed my t-maybe. I like EDGE and here for me better coverage with Cingy.
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    I ordered my Unlocked Treo650 from Palmone's site. It will be delivered tomorrow.

    I don't know what kind of wait there is for new orders now.
    Unlocked P1 T650 + 12" Powerbook + Scion xA = Happiness
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    I looked into it and backed out before the order fully processed. Cingular's voice plans are stingier on minute buckets, even after accounting for rollover minutes. (I'm a light voice user, and Cingular's $30/mo cheap plan is truly useless.)

    In the end, the confusion over Cingular's data prices ($20? $25? $40?), the two-year contract, and the poor CS reputation of both InPhonic (the one advertising the $350 Treo 650) and Cingular convinced me to hang on to T-Mo for now. The coverage is fine within the city, the customer service reps are friendly, the prices are reasonable, and my most frequent calls are within the network.

    That said, your mileage may vary. Cingular offers rollover and free in-network on higher rate plans, which might help you depending on your phone usage habits, and they do have EDGE.
    - pc
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    I was succesful in moving over from Tmobile to Cingular. Tmobile seemed to have more
    flexible minute plans, yet, I found one with Cingular that met my needs. Also, I was able
    to sign up for the 19.99 mediaworks, which gives me unlimited data useage. I placed my
    order through So far I am satisfied.

    Rbatsun - out
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    A satisfied Cingular convert? you're hard to find. Just kidding. LOL

    I like Cingular rollever and free unlimited mobile-to-mobile. Coupled with the $19.99 unlimited web MEdia Works, I'm set for now.

    I'm trying to understand what the TMo forums noise about web access, email problems, finding ports that work, etc is all about. I would like to get this TMo prepaid SIM with basic tZones to connect to tzones on my SX66, but no luck in getting it to connect. I'll probably just run down the voice minutes and call it an experiment.
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    i'm on t-mo til may, and I hope that's enough time for cingular to get their act together. by then I hope to know whether or not t-mobile has a plan for EDGE. that's the only reason i'd switch. I travel regularly in DC and MD, and only roam in parts of NC. the antenna on this 650 easily surpasses the T610 (i'm a passenger in a moving car travelling through MD's rural eastern shore right now with full signal), so at the end of the day I could wait a few more months for extra speed if it means avoiding questionable customer service and more expensive/wacky data plans
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    well i stopped by the local cingular store and they are expecting 650'sin stock today or tomarrow. They have a deal (in print) for a 2 year contract for $399, for a one year contract about $499 or no contract $599. They are offering unlimited data access for $19.99/MO, about the same as tmob. I agree the voice plans are a bit more expensive, but they probably eqaul out for me with the rollover and unlimited nights and weekends

    I like being out of contract with tmob, but so what? it only allows me to switch at will, and this is probably as good a time as any : ( why wait 3 months to pay the same price for a 650, or pay $700 for an unlocked one now)

    now i need to find a good blue tooth headset

    here's to no more tmobile silly delays
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    I've been out of contract for a year and a half with T-M and am very satisfied with the support I've gotten from the local store and techs and fairly satisfied with their network. I'm still using my original 270 (with an aging battery) and an E715 and am waiting for the next exciting device; the 650 isn't it. I expect one to tempt me sometime this spring or summer and sure hope it will be a T-M device. I'd consider a T-M 650 if it's a new and improved model with among other things, more memory, improved BT, and reduced SAR ratings. But, only if there is nothing else out there 'cause I'm really bored with Palm OS, and I really don't want another external antenna device.
    You may be right; I may be crazy. But, the Treo may be just the device I've been looking for.
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    "I really don't want another external antenna device"

    Um, external antenna devices have lower SAR ratings since the end of the antenna (the point of highest radiation) is further away from, and pointed away from, your head.

    Re: EDGE on T-Mobile: the equipment is coming through 2005 in most major metros, but I don't know if the service will be turned on this year. I've posted details on equipment vendors & cities elsewhere in this forum. also, if you're often roaming in the Carolinas, then you may indeed be better off with Cingular, as it's a big hole in T-Mo's network.
    - pc

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