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    I'm staying with T-mo.
    I called T-mobile and gave the following reasons I'm leaving them for Cingular.
    1) In 3 years I have never received or upgraded any phones on my 3 line account.
    2) T-mobile doesn't have EDGE and can't tell us when they will upgrade.
    3) T-mobile is the last to release new Treo devices and I refuse to pay $599 (Now $699 for an unlocked unit.)
    I told them (the truth) I have a Cingular Treo650 activated and will be calling to port this and 3 other lines to Cingular.
    What can You do for ME?
    After a brief pause, "We will credit you for a month of free service on the entire account if you stay". This equals more than $250 on a shared minutes account with unlimited data.
    I ordered the unlocked Treo650 and will be faxing a proof of purchase to their retention dept for a service credit. Good luck to those with multiple lines.
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    Very cool. Reduces your 650 cost to $450. Not too shabby...
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    It's sad they are so behind the times when it really comes down to it. Maybe one day they'll get their act together on EDGE. But hey in the meantime we can all pay to use the wifi hotspots at Starbucks! Get with it T-Mobile!

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