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    I've been a T-Mobile customer for quite some time, and I just asked them to unlock my Treo 600 (which I purchased from them, at a lower price than PalmOne was selling them at that time). I assumed the Treo 600 was locked to T-Mobile. I finally got around to asking them to unlock it (so I'd have the flexibility when traveling to use a less expensive SIM). Anyway, they approved my request (T-Mobile is quite good about this for customers with them only 90 days, and I've been with them for years), but said they couldn't find the IMEI. I verified the number is correct, and was wondering:

    1) Can someone who purchased a Treo 600 from T-Mobile confirm whether
    their Treo was unlocked or locked?
    2) If locked originally, have you gotten it unlocked, and if so, how?
    3) Is there a way to tell if you Treo is locked other than plugging in
    another carrier's SIM?

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    My T600 is locked. I've requested an unlock code yesterday. Just waiting to receive the code via email from Tmo.
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    Last July, I got a T-600 from T-Mobile as a replacement for a broken one I had purchased from Palm in December 2003 and insured through T-Mobile. In November 2004 I travelled abroad and found out the hard way that the replacement T-600 was locked. I requested an unlock code and they agreed right away. I have been a personal and corporate customer for years. After a few 'we cant find your IMEI number' or 'we lost your request' responses, they Email me an unlock code that worked about five days after I made my initial request.

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