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    When the Treo 600 was released, T-Mobile seemed like the last to get it. While everyone else was getting theirs in the Fall of 2003, T-Mobile users had to wait until February 2004 to get the T600.

    Now it's the same again this year with the Treo 650! It's February 2005 and there's no sign of it for T-Mobile.

    What's up with T-Mobile? Did they draw the shortest straw with PalmOne?
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    (Speculation) I don't think PalmOne products are a high priority for TMo. Think about the whole migration from free wap to t-zones and then finally forcing Treo users to the $20 unlimited internet. Offering a broad group of smartphones just forces them to hire a wave of techs to combat our workarounds.

    I suspect they would rather have us SMSing on a Sidekick like a bunch of monkeys so they can milk every bit of revenue out of a dead technology.
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    When it comes to the 650 it has to do with one thing and nothing else...wifi. It didn't have wifi, T-Mobile passed on it for just that reason and if they have decided to truely release it like that rumor boards have stated, it's because they are caving under the pressure of their current customers who have called to complain. As of January at the CES show, T-Mobile had not even started testing it on their system or shown any interest in the 650. My guess is if they carry it, it will be summertime before they actually get it out. That's T-Mobile for ya, really looking out for themselves. As big of a wifi guy as I am, I think they really missed it on that one. Wifi is so spotty right now that to not offer EDGE because you can pay to get wifi at Starbucks is rediculous. Oh well, my unlocked 650 will work fine and if AT&T ever gets it right in Phoenix, I'll be gone. Sorry for the rant.

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